Monday 6 February 2012

First Day at Benefit!


So today was my first day on one of my local Benefit Counters and there was so much to learn before my first day alone tomorrow! I think I'm suppose to be getting some proper training at a bigger counter at some point but the area manager is on holiday at the moment and there's only one other girl on the counter so I was needed to start asap really! I'm quite tired so this is a quick post with a few photos to describe my first day...

The counter manager, Lizzy, did my make-up to show me how to do it/how it looks when applied correctly. This is a picture of my face when I got home (ignore the fact that I look so pale! Also ignore my hair...I really need a haircut!!) I don't actually wear foundation, I have a pressed powder but that's it. I do quite like the way my skin looks quite even but I'm just pretty wary of any foundation as whenever I've used any, I always end up with breakouts and just really bad skin. Not cool. We'll see how mine looks tomorrow I guess!

I also had my eyes done by Lizzy....having someone else put my mascara on/do my eyeshadow really stresses me out so I was quite impressed that I managed to get through it! Lizzy used: Browzings in Medium + Highbrow for my eyebrows, Big Beautiful Eyes for my eyeshadow and They're Real for my mascara. I really love the wand in They're Real but I think I'd put a little less on for everyday use - mainly because they kept hitting my glasses when I blinked after this was put on! (Much like when I have false lashes on, so I guess it works well!)

This shows the lovely colours of Big Beautiful Eyes much better. Love the colours, quite like some of the Urban Decay Naked Palette colours I think. This does also show that the They're Real mascara was a little clumpy after two coats, so I do think I'd only pop one on. I don't think it needs two coats but Lizzy put a second one on to show me the difference.

We've got some free samples of skincare to give to customers at the moment and Lizzy gave me some to try out so that I could know what they're like and recommend them to customers (I love product knowledge!) This is the It's Potent eyecream (1.7g sample) I'm pretty excited to try it as I have pretty big dark circles under my eyes at the moment so it'll be interesting to see if this works to help get rid of them!

Moisture Prep (5ml Sample) is a really lovely toning lotion (Lizzy used it on me earlier!) that smells divine! I don't actually own a toner. After using Simple's one and having a really bad reaction to it straight away, I just wasn't brave enough to try another one....but when I had it on earlier I didn't have any bad effects at all so I'm very interested in trying this out properly. I like the idea of getting rid of all impurities before popping my moisturiser on, instead of trapping stuff under my moisturiser.
Triple Performing Facial Emulsion (5ml Sample) is a really light moisturiser which is good in my books! I hate really rich moisturisers on my face due to having combination skin. This one is oil free too so it's not going to make me super shiny either, which is such a bonus!

Total Moisture Facial Cream (3.5g Sample) is a richer moisturise for dry skin. This one is quite good for older skin as it really hydrates your skin. I'll probably try this on my cheekbones as I get really dry skin there after a shower (very annoying!)

Lizzy also gave me some little sample pots of the Foamingly Clean Face Wash and Refined Finish Facial Polish. I really like using both a gentle exfoliator and a face wash in the morning to feel squeaky clean so I'm really excited to use these. I really love the smell of both of them too - it's sort of cucumber-y but really subtle too!

So really my first day was all about learning the make-up and what the difference between stuff is and then getting some free samples to try out so I can properly recommend them! I've still got to pick 10 bits for my kit when the area manager gets back, which will be hard because I love it all! I'm quite excited about my first day alone tomorrow but also quite worried that I'm not going to sell anything (which is ridiculous hopefully!)

Anyway, I must be off to bed! I'm shockingly tired from talking about make-up all day (also some Ann Summers talk....always fun!)

Until next time,

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