Monday 16 April 2012

Review: Montagne Jeunesse Skin Heroes Range! (Plus the first proper review...)


So a couple of weeks ago, a few of you may have noticed that Montagne Jeunesse had a little thing on Twitter asking if any bloggers would like to review their new Skin Heroes range. Obviously I jumped at the chance because I love their face masks so the thought of getting to try their new range was super exciting! I received a lovely email from them asking for my address and then a few days later I received a lovely package of the entire range! I've never been more excited for a parcel to arrive! The Skin Heroes range is a new 2 step face mask range that includes a mask and also a moisturiser or serum for after care. I love the thought of this as I always hate using my normal moisturiser after a mask as I don't know if my moisturiser is doing any harm to my fresh skin.

Whenever I get face masks I try to always buy the Montagne Jeunesse ones because they are made from natural ingredients (also suitable for vegetarians!) which means that I am less likely to have any sort of reaction to them (sensitive skin is the worst.) Each sachet is £1.49 and you can get them in Asda now. I know you can get the other masks from Superdrug and Boots but I haven't seen these ones in store yet. On with the review...

So in the range there is:
  •  De-Clog Pores - These are deep cleansing nose pore strips. You get three in a pack with these ones. I like nose pore strips and these ones have pressed orange blossom and witch hazel in them, which sounds amazing!
  • Dry Skin Mask - This one has Raspberry, Blueberries and Red Grapes in it. Can anyone say yummy?! Sounds good enough to eat right?? I love the idea of this as I have pretty dry skin at the moment so I was quite excited to try this one out! The second step is a rehydrating skin serum and I can say that it is pretty amazing! I will have a full review of this up in a few days hopefully.
  • Shine Control Mask - This one is for greasy skin that likes to shine. I do have quite greasy skin on my forehead and chin sometimes so I think I will use this on a day when I'm having a shiny forehead day. This one has Acai Berries and Argan Oil in the mask and a Balancing Moisturiser to help balance the skin. 

  •  T-Zone Peel Off Mask - I love love LOVE peel off masks. I'm so excited about this one too because of the second step to it. The peel off mask has tea tree, witch hazel and Canadian willow herb to cleanse and purify and the second step is a rapid action moisturiser. I always find peel off masks can dry my skin out a bit too much so I'm excited to try this one out.
  • Break-Out Mask - This mask is for problem skin that is prone to eruptions. I do have a few flare ups every now and then so I will use this then. This one has tea tree, Canadian willowherb and witch hazel in it too and the second part is a rapid action moisturiser. This one is quite similar to the peel off one except this one is a mud mask, so it doesn't remove the dead skin like the peel off one. I'm quite excited to try this one too!

De-Clog Pores Review!

So as soon as I opened the package I went straight for these. I knew they were going to be in the package so I had been specifically letting my pores get a little gross so I could properly try these out.
 Above is the front of the pack for you guys to have a little look.

Here is the back of the pack for you guys to see the instructions clearly.

As I said before, they have 3 in a pack and each one is individually wrapped in these lovely orange wrappers (to remind you that it has orange blossom in!)

I've gotta say, these strips smell divine! I almost wanted to eat one! They're like other nose pore strips and all I had to do was wet my nose and apply the strip.

You can see that it fits my nose surprisingly well (sometimes I find that some can be a bit too large....which I can't really complain about too much right?) I left it on for about 20 minutes in all so I could be sure that it had worked. It hardens as it dries and....well...I was going to put a picture on here of how well it worked but, frankly, I didn't think anyone needed to see anything that gross on here!It almost completely cleared my pores on my nose and I haven't felt the urge to do another strip since. I usually find that I want to do another one within a week as my pores start to look a tad clogged again but so far, I've not noticed them looking bad at all - and it's been about a week and a half! I'm very impressed with these and despite the fact that I thought £1.49 might be a bit expensive for 3 strips, I wouldn't think twice about paying that for more of these amazing strips! Much better than any I've tried before.

Let me know what you think as I love peoples thoughts on products!

Until next time,

These were a lovely gift from the PR people at Montagne Jeunesse but I have not been paid nor told to write positive reviews. All reviews are my own honest opinion and have not been swayed by the fact that these were a gift.


  1. I can't wait till my set will arrive, such a fab review. The pore strips sounds amazing. x

    1. Oooh! Are you reviewing them too? Let me know when yours is up if you are! I realy did love the pore strips, very impressed!

  2. I love these masks!

    I have awarded you with a Versatile Blogger Award by the way, the details are on my blog :)

    LInzi xx

    1. I will get reviews of the other ones up asap!

      Thanks for the awrd :) I'll try to get round to doing a post on it soon!!


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