Sunday 10 February 2013

Review: Prepping for V-Day with Montagne Jeunesse!


So Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I'm sure some of you are already thinking about doing a bit of prep for the day (I tend to do facemasks a few days before just in case any impurities are drawn gives my face a few days to settle that way!) Now then, I'm not a Valentine's Day kind of girl....but that's because my birthday is on V-day and it's just a pain in the bum! Restaurants are always full/over priced and even if I do book a table I end up pissing people off by being too rowdy and ruining their "special day" Haha! I'm of the school of thought that V-day isn't that special because people are reminded for WEEKS before the event. I personally think it's more romantic to have a surprise trip away during June or something (you know...when you're not expecting it....) Anyway, my point here is that, whilst I may not be a strict V-days supporter, I'm totally prepping for it because it's my birthday!! (Not sure if I mentioned that or not?? Haha!) Now then, I think anyone who regularly reads my blog knows that my favourite facemasks are the peel off ones, so when Montagne Jeunesse offered me the opportunity to prep with their Passion Peel Off Mask I couldn't say no! I decided that today would be a great day to have a little bit of a pamper session as my skin has had a bit of a dry skin flare up so I need all the help I can get!

I love that this arrived in a proper card!

I do love the fact that Montagne Jeunesse are suitable for vegetarians and always try to use the most natural ingredients. I have fairly sensitive skin so I like the fact that these masks aren't packed with rubbish!

Simple instructions!

Here's a sexy picture to get you in the mood for V-day! Haha! I like that this mask has a bit of colour to it so that you can see easily where you've put the mask.

Overall thoughts: I love the smell of this mask but it does linger on your skin afterwards. I don't mind this but some people may be bothered by this. As always, it left my skin feel really refreshed and soft too! It hasn't completely gotten rid of my dry patch of skin but it's certainly helped an awful lot with it. I also managed to get this in my hair and eyebrows (despite being SO careful. I'm terrible with masks!) but it all came out with no problems or pain (bonus!) I think this one will pretty much always be my favourite because I do love a good peel off mask and I like how soft my skin is afterwards, although I do prefer the smell of the PawPaw Peel Off mask. Maybe I'll have a show down with them both one day and finally pick an absolute favourite??

You can get this mask from places like Asda, Boots and Superdrug and also on the Montagne Jeunesse website too (where you can also get it in a bigger size tottle. I think I'd prefer this as you can squeeze out as much as you need I think and I'm always left with quite a bit from normal mask sachets. Might try one of those in the future...)

Have any of you tried this mask before? What do you think? Any other ways you guys prep for V-day?

Until next time,

This was a PR sample but all views are completely my own and completely honest.


  1. Oh wow your birthday is actually on feb 14th? ouch... although it beats feb 29th haha! plus you're guaranteed to receive presents and have people around you on valentine's, that's actually pretty sweet now I think about it, I hope you have an awesome day! :)

    1. I was suppose to be born on the 29th! Haha! Yeah it's got it's pros and cons...pros are I do always get cards and presents so don't have to worry about that....but cons are everything is expensive, booked up and my friends are usually busy!...but at least everyone remembers my birthday so that's a huge bonus! Haha! Thanks for the well wishes, very kind of you! xxx

  2. I nominated you for a liebster award! You can find the link to the post here!


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