Thursday 24 April 2014

Review: Montagne Juenesse Black Seaweed Peel Off Mask and Hot Sauna Mask


So I've been a bit ill recently and that means that my skin has been feeling pretty crappy to go along with my head and body feeling crappy too! Luckily for me the lovely people at Montagne Jeunesse have just launched some new face masks and asked me if I'd like to try them. Obviously I said yes as a) my skin desperately needed some TLC and b) I freaking love Montagne Jeunesse masks!! My favourite is the Passion Peel Off mask because not only is it super awesome for my skin, but it smells good enough to eat (although I wouldn't recommend it.....pretty sure it'd taste fairly gross....)

So the two masks are: Black Seaweed Peel Off Masque and Hot Spring Sauna. Both are deep cleansing masks that give you a nice pore cleanse too and The Hot Spring Sauna is an exfoliator too.

As always, Montagne Jeunesse masks always have simple, easy to follow instructions on the back, along with more in-depth information about the mask inside the sachet too.

So first up is the Black Seaweed Peel Off Masque. I absolutely love peel off masks as I always feel they just make me feel that I have brand new skin afterwards (plus I love the feeling of peeling off a layer of skin....which definitely makes me sounds a little insane....) It smelt kind of...generically manly almost which was actually really nice compared to any other peel off mask that I've tried as most are really fruity or strong smelling. It was very easy to put on, well as easy as a face mask can be! It left my skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth and refreshed too. The only complaint I have with this (as with all face masks!) is that my tiny face doesn't ever need the whole amount in the sachet! This is why I do like the squeezy pot of the passion peel off mask that they do. I hope they bring this one out into a squeezy tube as I actually prefer it to the passion peel off one!!

The Hot Sauna one was used a week later (roughly) and is a self heating exfoliating mask. Now then, this one smelt so so good and was easy to apply and the self heating property was lovely. The exfoliating bit was nice too with rather large bits of bamboo for a real intense scrub.....however....out of the two masks I wouldn't repurchase this one at all. The mask started to melt down my face after 5 minutes and I had to keep wiping it away from my mouth and eyes. Personally this is just hassle for me when trying to relax with a mask. Maybe I should've lied down?? But then it would've gone in my hair right? Anyway, I also would only recommend this mask if you were planning on having a shower or bath after as it's a bit of a hassle to get off easily when you're done. I know these two things are pretty trivial for a face mask, but they are things that i consider when buying masks and I want you guys to know my true thoughts! This mask did leave my skin feeling hella soft but, to be honest, it wasn't any softer than when I used the peel off mask so I'd rather just buy that one and not have so much hassle (plus have the fun of peeling it off too!)

As they always have been, Montagne Jeunesse are suitable for vegans and use only natural products in their masks. (Have a look at their About Us section...they're really eco friendly too!)

Have you guys tried any Montagne Jeunesse masks? Any that you think I need to try??

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