Friday 25 July 2014

Sephora Haul!


So a few months ago my big brother went to California, which he does about twice or three times a year. For some reason I'd NEVER thought to ask him to pop into Sephora for me (so many missed opportunities! Haha!) and when I mentioned it before he went this time he said "Yeah...of course I can. I go to a mall with it in every time I go...." I was kicking myself for not thinking of it earlier to be honest, but I soon got over that and started browsing the stores website and making a wishlist of everything I wanted to try.....I then had to amend my list to try and keep it under £100....and then under £50 if possible. It was tough but I managed to do it! ( was around the £60 mark but that was close enough for me!) I figured it was best to go for "try me" kits so I could get more bang for my buck (as it were...) and maybe treat myself to one item that I thought I'd really like, this way I could feel like I was getting loads for my money rather than picking 3 full size items that I may or may not like once he got them to me.

So here's the haul! My brother picked me up a postcard from the Mirage hotel that he stayed at in Vegas (I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Vegas! So jealous!) He sent me a video of his hotel room when he was out there was insane and probably bigger than my entire house!

There is also the Sephora Summer Stash kit, Too Faced Beauty Blogger Darlings kit, Marc Jacobs Lip Gel and Tarte Blush.

So Sephora are well know for giving out samples...and like a good brother he listened when I said "take all the samples offered no matter what!" Haha! 
The Samples were: 

Philosophy Time in a bottle serum - Nice but it didn't "wow" me
Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation - I used to work for the brand so know not to put this hideous product on my face. Also it was in the darkest no!
Prada Candy and Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Samples - I work next to the fragrance section at work so get to try most fragrances out anyway but it was nice to sample the Prada one as I wouldn't have chosen to try it.
Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta 2 step cleanse - This was two pads to try and tehy were nice and left my skin feeling really nice. Not sure I'd buy the full size but nice anyway!
Living Proof Prime Style Extender Sachet - I've still not used this as I keep forgetting I have it!
Living Proof Style Extender Spray - I LOVE this! It really holds my hair in place without it going weird and crispy. I'll be getting him to pick me up a full size of this next time!

The lovely Sephora receipt! I'm going to have to look into getting him to start using the beauty insider thingy for me I think....

Right onto the products! I've had them for a good few months now so I can give a proper review rather than just excited babbling...

Too Faced Beauty Blogger Darlings

I just had to get this really because of the name right?? Also because I've been wanting to try Too Faced stuff for a while as well....Although I've recently discovered it on the online order system at work so I can use my discount on it! Win!! This set came with:
Better Than Sex Mascara - OMG. It's amazing!! Such good looking lashes in one sweep!! with all things that are better than sex, this comes at a price...(like how an orgasmic pudding comes with loads of calories!) this one dries really quickly in the tube I thought and also pulled out a few too many lashes when I took it off at night. Not one for a full size purchase.
Face Primer - This was ok but I didn't notice it doing anything spectacular so will stick with my bareMinerals one.
Shadow Insurance Eye Primer - I hate eye primers in tubes and I'll tell you why....they always seem to separate in the tube so I end up with a blob of primer surrounded by some weird liquidy stuff. It looks gross and puts me off putting it onto my eyes. Another miss for me.
Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer - Ok so this smells amazing and is pretty pigmented to boot. I like this fact this has a very very subtle shimmer and is dark enough to actually show up. Would I buy the full size? Maybe. I certainly wouldn't mind if I got another kit and this came in it.

Sephora Summer Stash Kit included:

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray - I literally don't see any difference when I use this vs when I don't use it. Maybe it's because I'm already using makeup that stays on anyway? Would I purchase ful size? No....I just feel like I have a wet face for a bit and see no difference!

Make Up Forever eyeliner in teal - I love this shade and it's got AMAZING staying power! I would love to own more MUFE stuff if this eyeliner is anything to go by! I would purchase a full size but in a different colour as I see this one going on forever (no pun intended!)

Stila Eyeshadow in Kitten - This is lovely but I find I can only use it over the top of other eyeshadows otherwise it looks a bit weird. Not sure I'd purchase another one of these but maybe something else by them?
Deborah Lipmann Nail Polish - I've been wanting to try one of these nail polishes for aaaaages and I'm in love! I mean, the colour helps because it's awesome, but the formula is just lovely!

Josie Maran Coconut Watercolour Cheek Gelee - I wasn't really sure about this to start with but it's such a nice blush with a beautiful finish that can be built up if needed. 

Nars Laguna Bronzer - A cult classic that I've never god it's pigmented! This one is a tiny version of the full size and judging with how little you need, I'm guessing the full size will last you forever! It's a really nice bronzer and I can see why it's so hyped up!

Buxom Luminizer - I've got loads of Buxom lipglosses because they used to be sold on my counter but I'd never tried anything else by them. A tiny bit of this goes a long way but definitely impressed me enough to think I might need to try more Buom stuff!

OCC Lip Tar and brush - This is the item I was most excited about trying as lip products are my thang....ahem...I was pretty disappointed with this actually. I was expecting more pigmentation and longer staying power, like the Sleek Pout Paints, but it didn't give much colour and only lasted about 2 hours on my lips before I wanted to re-apply.

Marc Jacobs Mascara - I was pretty excited to try my first Marc Jacobs makeup product ( first Marc Jacobs anything except for the fragrances!) This mascara is really wet in formula and felt like it didn't really dry to my lashes like most mascaras do. It's a really nice mascara but I'm not I'd re-purchase this as it didn't "wow" me enough to take over my Dior IT Lash or bareMinerals Lash Domination.

A close up shot to show you the colours of the Stila Eyeshadow, Nars bronzer, MUFE Eyeliner and Josie Maran Cheek Gelee.

Oh's the Marc Jacobs Lip Gel in Showstopper.... Now then, I love lip products...especially lipsticks. I had a look on the Sephora website and knew that I needed a Marc Jacobs one in my life, but just which one would I need? I was going to go for a pink of some kind until I realised that this red came in different coloured packaging and then I knew I NEEDED this lipstick in my life (I have a thing about different packaging...just see the amount of limited edition dvds/blu-rays I owe and you'll understand...) 

And just look at that colour!! It's like THE red I needed in my life! Move over other reds...this is THE one everyone should own. Firstly, the clour is divine - not to bright but not too dark. Secondly, look at the shape of the's just...classy. Thirdly, the packaging....oh the's magnetic and just snaps back into place in such a satisfying way that I want all my lipsticks to be like this please (Estee Lauder Envy lipsticks are quite close to be fair....) and fourthly the formula is just amazing. It really is gel-like in the way it glides onto your lips and never feels heavy. I will be lusting after all of these and picking up some everytime my brother goes to America (if he doesn't mind popping into Sephora each time...)

Tarte are a brand that people rave about and I'd never really looked at. I went for a blusher as it's something that I've never seen a bad review on....and now I know why! It's subtle but buildable, never looks powdery and stays put all day. Instant love! I went for the shade Dollface but again...might need to pick up a few more...

Here is a photo of my lovely brother! He's going back to Cali-Forn-I-A (I hear thats what the cool kids cool it right?) in November so naturally I've been making a list of things for him to pick up for me! I'm thinking some Christmas sets as they're always cheaper but if anyone has any suggestions, leave a comment below and I'll have a little look on the Sephora website!

What do you think of my first Sephora Haul? Anything you want a full review of?

Until next time,

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