Wednesday 12 May 2021

Fenty Cream Bronzer Vs Huda Tantour - Who Wins?


Today we have a comparison between the Huda Beauty Tantour in Fair and the Fenty Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Bronzer in Butta Biscuit. Both of these are the palest cream bronzer products in each brand, although Fenty also brought out their iconic contour shade Amber out in this formula too (from the original Match Stix formula)

Now then, the first point to make is that the Huda product is meant to be a contour and bronzer whereas the Fenty one is advertised more as just a cream bronzer. The difference being that the Huda Tantour "combines a balance of shadow and warmth" according to their website. 

Left: Huda Beauty Tantour in Fair.
Right: Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Bronzer in Butta Biscuit.

I found that the consistencies were pretty similar but the Huda Tantour is heavily pigmented! This isn't necessarily a bad thing as it means a little goes a long way, however it does mean that anyone not used to cream products might have a bit of an issue with it. The Fenty bronzer is a little lighter in colour but also a bit warmer for sure. 

Swatches as above.

When blended with my finger you can see that the Fenty one blends out smoother and this is mainly because the Huda one is SO pigmented that the amount I had swatched was way too much to spread easily in a small area.

Packaging wise......I much prefer the Fenty one. The Huda one has a twist off top and EVERY time I manage to catch myself on it. One day it's going to cause me an injury!! The Huda one does come with an insert over the cream though which I guess should stop it from drying out so easily but I've not had an issue with this happening to either of them so far.

With Flash.

With flash both of them look fairly similar in colour. I have tried both with fingers and a brush and they apply easily with both. i found using a sponge picked up too much of the Huda product but was fine with the Fenty one. You could use a sponge to blend out the Huda one once on your face though with no issue.

Without flash you can see that the Huda one is much darker in reality to the Fenty one. I am really quite pale so I find the Huda one quite difficult to use as it took more effort in terms of being awake enough to use it (fine when I'm on a late but on an early....well....I'm not usually able to function until after lunch really!) I think the fact that you can use the Huda one for both contour and bronzer is a handy thing if someone just wants one product but if you build the product up, I can't see why you couldn't do that with the Fenty one? 

Final thoughts:

Huda Tantour in Fair:

Pros - 
  • Very pigmented so will last a long time.
  • Cheaper than Fenty at £26 for 11g currently.
  • Can be used as a multitasking product.
Cons - 
  • Packaging is very annoying/mildly dangerous to those of us who are accident prone!
  • Not super easy to use if you are a first timer for cream bronzer due to it being very pigmented.
  • Only comes in 5 Shades and the palest is still quite dark. There is quite a jump between light and medium as well.
Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Bronzer in Butta Biscuit:

Pros - 
  • Not as pigmented so easy for first time users or people who would rather build a product up.
  • They have 8 different shades, 3 of which are designed to be more of a contour shade. Fenty are also known for adding to their shades if they need too.
  • Packaging comes with a mirror which is handy if you do your makeup on the go at all.
Cons - 
  • More expensive than Huda at £28 for 6.23g.
  • You would need to buy two if you wanted a dedicated contour and bronzer shade. 
  • Packaging looks messy inside very quickly as the product is flat the the white inside plastic.
Both formulas are cruelty free which is always a bonus as well!

Who wins? - 

All in all, I personally prefer the Fenty one just because the Huda one is VERY pigmented and I find that frustrating if I'm in a rush. Plus the packaging on the Huda one just stresses me out! Both are available easily at their own websites (linked above), Cult Beauty and along with other retailers. 

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