Friday 22 July 2011

Lip Collection


So I've been meaning to put up my second ELF haul for a while but I've also been wanting to show off my older make up too so I've just decided to do random posts about different make up bits. This one is about my collection of lip stuff. I don't have loads of stuff but it's enough to keep me happy!

This is my little collection. All laid out ever so nicely on my pillow!

With Flash.
Swatches! (All of these are one swipe only) From Left to Right:
Natural Collection Rose Bud - Love this shade!! So good for a nice subtle deep pink. Lasts quite long but can leave my lips feeling dry it I don't use lip balm with it.
Natural Collection Coral Shimmer - I'd been wanting to get a coral colour since reading lots of blog posts about different ones but I didn't want to splash out on an expensive one and then not like it. To be honest, this one isn't too pigmented so it was perfect for me. It definitely lives up to the shimmer bit in its name too!
Natural Collection Sweet Pea - This one is very shimmery and the pink is more of an icy colour. I like to use this one more for nights out than every day.
ELF Voodoo - A nice red colour. Looks really nice for a brighter day look or as a subtle night look. Stays on all day and smells yummy too!
ELF Barely Bitten - Love love LOVE this colour! It's a beautiful cherry colour but is exactly as described, it looks like your lips have just been bitten a little to bring out the red colour. It's so nice to wear and is quite moisturising too.
Rimmel Temptation - I brought this for Halloween one year but I've been brave enough to wear it out on a few occasions. I brought all my other red colours because I love wearing this colour but just don't feel brave enough most of the time! This one has a slight shimmer through it and is really moisturising too. It stays on really well but is the only one in my collection that I've noticed bleeding round my lips.
17 Barely Beige - This is the first lipstick I ever owned! I got it free when I was at uni and I loved it straight away! The end is shaped to my lip shaped because I hadn't worked out how to put it on properly! Haha! How cute right?! It looks a bit like foundation with lip gloss over the top, which can look quite nice for a quick day look.
Barry M 107 - I got this for 50p in boos the other day! I got 3 different ones and it was a pot luck really. I've gotta say I was pretty wowed by this one! It's a sparkly pink!! When on it doesn't give a base colour but the glitter looks amazing! I think this would look fab on top of one of my other pink colours (maybe more of a fancy dress thing but still....50p!)
Barry M 117 - so I wouldn't have ever picked this colour normally (50p bargain!) and I'll be honest, I'm not 100% sure if I'll ever use it but I'm hoping there will be a fancy dress thing which will require orange lipstick....
Barry M 136 - Another 50p bargain. This one is a gold kind of nude colour. Pretty handy for work (if I can't really be bothered with a proper coloured lipstick) or for when I have a quick drink with friends. Gives a hint of colour without being too much.

Without Flash.

These are my two lip products for moisturising. Obviously you can barely see them but with the flash you can kind of get an idea of what they look like. The first one is Born Lippy Raspberry Lip Balm from The Body Shop. It's really good and smells amazing! It's quite moisturising without being too shiny. The second is Passion Fruit Lip Butter from The Body Shop. This one is super glossy and super moisturising. I love this one top of any matte lipstick if I fancy making it glossier.

From Left to Right:
Softlips (you can't see this one as it is a lovely stick lip balm with no colour....I still swatched it onto my arm though! Clearly need to go to bed!) - This was another 50p bargain yesterday. It smells really nice and is totally handbag friendly! After one application it let my lips feel super smooth and all the flaky dryness had gone. Such a good find!
Nivea Pearly and Shine - You can just see the slight shimmer that this one gives. It's a nice colour but I find Nivea stuff always leaves my lips feeling like they've got a heavy product on them. I'm not a big fan to be honest.
ELF Lip Primer and Plumper - Obviously just the primer end. I've seen quite a few negative reviews of this but I love it! If you dot it on and then blend it in I find it makes my lip colour stay in place and stay on for the whole day (even if I drink from a glass!) I don't really have much use for the plumper at the moment but I like cinnamon stuff so I will definitely use it at some point!
Eyeko Lip Lover - You can see my in depth review of this on my Eyeko haul post. Bit too much of an orangy red for my to pull it off well. But it's so easy to use! Very tempted to try their other colours!
ELF Plumping Lip gloss in Wink Pink - This one is so very moisturising! I was really shocked! Again you can read my full review of it on my ELF Haul #1 post.
Barry M Limited Edition Lip gloss - Now idea what this one is was free with some Impulse spray!(which made me feel 13 again when I brought it! I do use it more of a room spray though...or at work when I feel I need to feel fresher! haha!) This lip gloss is pretty cool though. It's clear with a silver sparkle going through it. It looks nice over another colour or on its own. It smells AMAZING too!
Maybelline Shinylicious Raspberry Gloss - I got this YEARS ago for an alternative red lip tint. I was too nervous to try proper lipstick and I also felt like it wouldn't suit me at all. Now I don't care and will wear whatever I like! It's still smelling lovely and is really glossy. I generally wear this one over he top of a red lipstick now.
Natural Collection Raspberry Rhumba - Again, got this one YEARS ago! It's a lip balm rather than a gloss so it's not as shiny. I do still use this as a lip tint for quiet nights out. It does tend to leave my lips feeling a bit dry if I use it alone though.
ELF Shimmering Facial Whip in Persimmon - This can be use on your eyes, lips and face according to the website but if you're going to use it on your lips just use the BARE minimum!! It can be a bit tough to blend but honestly you need barely anything for a complete cover. It's very shimmery and very pink so it doesn't really suit me as a lip one but is pretty cue on my cheeks (again...only if I use the bare minimum!)

I do have a Lip Stain from ELF somewhere too but I couldn't find it anywhere today! Its this one in Heartbreaker. It's really nice but really subtle. It's double ended so you get a clear gloss to go on top, which I've used over the top of some of my lipsticks to gloss them up (and I've hen obsessively cleaned the applicator before putting it back into the gloss! Anyone else do this too??) If I find it I'll update this post.

So there's my fairly small lip collection. What do you think? Am I missing any vital pieces or colours? Anyone own any of the same things and feel differently about them?

Until next time,

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