Saturday 30 July 2011



I think I've figured out a way to keep my internet from crapping out on my all the does involve sellotape and balancing my laptop on the box that I keep my nail varnish in though... How long this will last is any ones guess though!

Anyway, I popped into Superdrug today to pick up a final birthday present for my sister and (like always) I ended up buying a few things for myself (and a lovely hand cream for my mum because her hands are getting super dry from work at the mo. I got her the Jergens hand cream for extra dry hands. It smells lovely and is 96% natural apparently, so hopefully it'll work!) For myself I picked up some nail polish remover, a blue mascara (from the MUA £1 range) and two Beauty UK shatter polishes. Now then, I'm a big fan of shatter polishes but I find that the Barry M ones are very quick to dry and they have a tiny brush so it can be a bit of a hassle. But as these ones were in silver and gold I couldn't turn them down! (Nail polish addict right here!)

With Flash.

Without Flash.
I have Rimmels 080 Black Cab as the base colour.

They both have an amazing shimmer going through the colours which makes them stand out really well. The brushes on them are quite thick and they don't seem to dry too quickly on the brush either so application was super easy! I was completely sold with the silver one right away but the gold one worried me a little when I first put it on. It was quite transparent which I wasn't expecting. However as it dried the colour become more of a block colour and it looks pretty good. I think I prefer the silver one but that's mainly because I generally prefer colours that will make my nails stand out (I won't ever be able to paint my nails in a nude colour because of this!) These shatter polishes also come in black and bright pink and are £2.99 each, which is a bargain for how big the bottles are!

Have you guys tried these at all? Or any of the other colours? Any other shatter polishes you can recommend?

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