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So I finally found my camera cable and that means I can finally put my NOTD post up! Yay! Ok so you may know by now, I'm pretty into painting my nails and trying out new techniques and this post is about a new (to me) technique that I found the other day whilst on youtube.

So I'd done my nails like this:

Rimmel Lasting Finish 270 Hot Shot with Beauty UK's Shatter Polish in Glam Rock on top - and I really liked it but then I got an email from Leanne about an eye makeup look that she's thinking of trying our when we go out on Saturday night and one click led to another and I ended up finding this video on Water Marbling. Now then I instantly thought that this looked awesome and simply had to have a go at doing it myself. (Watching the video will be much clearer than my instructions I think!)

First step is to paint your nails white. I also always put a basecoat on before painting my nails any colour. I used 17 Nail Xtras Strengthening Basecoat and ELFs nail polish in White.

The lovely ELF polish. Only cost me 75p in their 50% off sale (£1.50 normally) and it's really good quality too!

The second step is to sellotape your fingers so only your nails are left untaped. Trust me when I say this step is necessary!(if a tad uncomfortable....)

I kind of got excited and forgot to photograph the next few steps the first time round! You get a bowl (that you don't mind only using for this from now on - it gets very messy!), I used an old tupperware container, and you put some water in it. It's best if it's room temperature because if it's too cold then the polish will dry on impact with the water. You then take your chosen colours (I went with pinks to match my work outfit the next day)and you drop a single drop of the first colour into the water followed by whatever colours you want after. You then use a cocktail stick to draw a pattern in the polish (takes a while to master this without accidently picking up the polish that's already started to dry on the surface of the water!) Once you're happy then you can dip your nails in one at a time or a few at a time. You do this by pushing you finger into the water nail first and then moving the cocktail stick around your finger to pick up the remaining polish before taking your finger out. You then wait for the polish to dry before taking ff the sellotape and popping on a top coat. You will need to clean up a little round your nails, but not as much as you'd have to if you'd not put the tape on!
Here is my other had from my first attempt. I LOVE this technique! It's a bit faffy but it's a lot of fun once you get used to it. I really love how each nail is different!

These are the first two attempts with the flash on on my camera. Love it!

The polish I used, 17 Basecoat, Natural Collection in Hibiscus and Shimmer Pink and 17 Double Gloss Top Coat. I found the Natural collection polishes were FANTASTIC for this technique. They are of a thin enough consistancy that they disperse well in water but they are colourful enough that they don't look boring on my nails. The consistancy also helps with the drying time too I think. The Shimmer Pink one gae my white painted nails a lovely hint of glitter and the Hibiscus one really made a bold statemen colour. I'm definitely going to invest in more Natural Collection nail colours (and feed my habit at the same time...) Ignore the fact that the top of the shimmer one has got deep pink on it....I may have maybe dropped it in the water at one point....oops!

On my second attempt I remembered to photograph the bowl of water with the polish in. I've knd of dragged the pink and silver in the middle a little bit to create a "design" to dip my nail into. You can see how messy the bowl gets round the edges from the polish!

And this is what happens when you don't put the tape on your fingers.....messy!!

Here are my nails with the added bonus of Rimmel's Lasting Finish 239 Your Majesty. The added silver gives them a bit of extra sparkle.

Both photos with the flash on.

So there's my first attempts at water marbling. What do you think? Have you guys tried this technique before? I'm going to try doing them again now with blue and silver I think in prep for my night out on Saturday! Wish me luck!!

Until next time,

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