Tuesday 6 September 2011



So this morning I went and spent one of my many £5 No7 vouchers in Boots. I assume that you all know what this is but just in case....basically Boots have these vouchers every now and then for £5 off anything in the No7 range that you get when you spend over £5. They ran the promotion a while ago and it came back around again last month (I think...) There's no minimum spend so you can buy anything in that range and get £5 off! The promotion is on until Sunday but I usually forget and miss the deadline. However, today I had to go into to town half an hour before my shift started at work and as not many places are open in the morning (and because I didn't want to get a coffee) I atually thought to go and spend the voucher! Now then, I wasn't realy sure what to get and didn't have the longest amount of time to browse....and as you all know I'm a bit of a nail polish whore so naturally I veered over to the polishes! I was tempted by the violet ones (so bright!) but when I saw this one I knew it was love at first sight!

With flash.
No 7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Milan 110.
(Unfortunately it's a little difficult to photograph!)
With flash but under my portable lamp...not that it makes much difference!

Without flash (near my lamp)

With a somewhat epic flash!

So usually this polish would have cost £7. Now then I love nail polish but I don't like spend lots on it. I've got some great polishes from the Beauty UK range for £1 so why would I spend 7x the amount on one?! However with the voucher it came down to just £2 and for 10ml of polish (usually you get about 7ml in most high street brands) I couldn't really say no. When I first put it on I had some issues with the brush and how much polish was on it but I realised I needed to take it out the pot, wipe it, wait a moment and then wipe it again (a lot of polish stays on the stick and then runs down meaning my nails got super saturated with polish to start with. Not good!) I was amazed at how great the coverage was! I think I could've just left it at one coat and it would've been fine but my nail polish OCD means that I HAVE to do two coats even if one coat looks fine! Haha! It was super glossy on it own but with my double shine top coat on it looks AMAZING!! I love this colour so much! It almost looks like I've put a glitter foil on my nails! Love it! It may be a bit OTT for some people but I just think it's gorgeous. I'm very tempted to try out other colours in this range (while I have the vouchers for sure anyway!) but the pigmentation is so good I'd be tempted to have a £7 treat everynow and then if I spot another colour that I truly love.

Have you guys tried the No7 polish range? Any colours you recommend? Or did you get something else with your voucher?

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  1. I LOVE this polish!
    I'm with you in terms of it looking like a foil wrap - I actually had someone ask me if i'd had them wrapped when I was wearing this :) x x x

  2. I think I might get another one with my last voucher tomorrow. Any recommendations? I'm drawn to the violet ones atm... I love how this colour is clearly a popular one! I've found it's staying power is really good too. Def need to get another colour...


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