Friday 3 February 2012

Perfume Collection!


So I was going through the top drawer of my bedside table in order to have a bit of a clear out/tidy up (I do this about once every 2 months...still not sure how it gets so messy so quickly!) and I realised I have so many perfumes now! I was actually quite surprised by how many I had considering I've only really ever had one and now I seem to have 6! I really like this though and enjoy having different perfumes for different occasions! Anyway, on with the list! (I really wish that you could smell these through the computer, I'm crap at describing scents!)

Lacoste - Touch of Pink EDT (50ml)

This was the first perfume I ever owned. I first got it when I was about 16/17 I think and just kind of stuck with it. I like the way this one stays on me so well but recently it's kind of taken a back seat to the other ones I've got. There's not much left in this bottle either and I don't think I'll repurchase once it's run out. I do still like it but....I'd rather repurchase one of the others to be honest. I think it's because I've grown out of this one now (I've been using it for about 7/8 years now!) It's also probably the most floral perfume in my collection. I don't really like floral scents but there's something about this one that is kind of comforting. However, I've noticed recently that if I decide to wear it the I will get a bit of a headache from it when I first put it on. Never a good sign! Love the colour of this bottle though. So pretty!

Paul Smith - Optimistic EDT (100ml)

So ages ago I went out on a mission with Leanne to get as many free samples as possible. I went up to perfume counters and said that I wanted to get a new perfume but I wasn't sure which one - which was true...I mean I was getting a little bored with the same perfume... and I got a few samples to try out (always a great way to see if I'll get a headache from it too!) This was one of the samples and it was love at first spray! It was really quite expensive though so I had a look on eBay and found someone that a) didn't have a ridiculous mark up for postage and b) accepted returns. I don't trust people who sell perfumes but don't accept returns for some reason! Find her shop here. This means that instead of it costing me in the region of £80 (at the time) it only cost me £20 inc p&p! I was very happy with this of course! (I really love how you can buy 3 perfume bottles that have about 20% left for £3.99 it's like samples but you get the lovely bottle too!) It's a really nice yet quite subtle citrus scent..apparently the base note is "Raspberry Macaroon" it's got a sweet hint to it. Again, this one lasts quite a long time on me so it's a winner in my books! Not so hyped about the bottle of this one, the coloured swirls kind of end abruptly. I know this doesn't make a difference to the perfume but still....I like pretty things!

The Body Shop - Love Etc. EDP (30ml)

This one I picked up when The Body Shop were having their 30% off offer for Love Your Body card holders. I went in to repurchase the moisturiser and face wash I'm using (the seaweed one btw) and once I'd got those I'd got enough stamps to get £5 off something. There wasn't really anything else I wanted and was on a bit of a time limit so I asked the shop assistant (who is always SO helpful whenever I pop in there) and she suggested this. It's normally £14 and they had a box set with the matching shower gel in for the same price. Once you took both the 30% off and the £5 the set came to under £5! Bargain! And because it's and Eau De Parfum it lasts a lot longer than Eau De Toilettes. It's quite similar to the Lacoste one but this one is more vanilla based. I really like this one as it's quite subtle but lasts all day. The bottle is super cute as well and is so tiny next to my other perfumes!

Marc Jacobs - Daisy Eau So Fresh EDT (75ml)

This is another one that I fell in love with when I got a sample of it. I couldn't decide which one I preferred between this and the Paul Smith one, but I couldn't find this one for less than £50 anywhere and just couldn't justify it! However my lovely Mum got this for me for Christmas and I've been wearing it pretty much every day since! (Apparently she got quite a good deal on it otherwise I wouldn't have had it!) It's really fresh and just really fruity yet a little floral too. I absolutely love this one but am a little tempted to get the normal Daisy one too (if I could afford it!) I really love the bottle of this one, it looks so pretty and the flowers are really tactile.

Ann Summers - Sexy Miss EDT (100ml)

I picked this up at work for the bargain price of £7 in the sale (plus my discount) We had a sample one that we all used to use if we'd forgotten to put perfume on that morning (also to urm...advertise it...haha!) It's one that I can use every day and not feel bad about using up all my expensive perfume! It's got a fruity scent to it and apparently has a "sexy musky base" I wouldn't exactly say that but I do love this perfume so much! It's really quite sweet and just beautiful! Once it's settled it goes a little more floral but for £7 I'm really glad I got it! The bottle does come in a lovely tin but it was stressing me out so, it took a while but I eventually got it out! The bottle is quite basic but for a store perfume it's not too bad.

Paco Rabanne - Black XS for Her EDT (30ml)

I love this perfume! I'd never smelt it before "Who Knows?" got it for me for Christmas (see my Christmas presents post for how giddy I got at a boy getting me perfume!) but I really love it. It's the sweetest smelling perfume that I own but I love getting whiffs of it throughout the day. Again, this one is quite fruity with a tiny hint of floral tones (seeing a pattern??) and I would definitely repurchase once I use this one up! I really love the bottle of this one too. So cute and fits perfectly in my hand! Love it!

Natural Collection - Passionfruit Body Spray and Mango and Papaya Body Spray (both 150ml) and Impulse - Into Glamour.

I got these a while back when I didn't have my huge array of perfume so that I could smell good without having to pay a huge price for it! The Body Sprays I actually use more as room sprays now for a quick burst of yummy scent in my room without having to light a candle. I like spraying my room with these before going out so that when I come home my room smells lovely! Both are obviously quite fruity and last for ages in my room I think. I have a slight preference for the passionfruit one as it's a tad more subtle. The impulse I picked up with a limited edition Barry M lip gloss. This is a prime example of my wasting money really because...well...I hate lip gloss with a wand applicator! I got it because I'd brought it for my old manager as a maternity leaving present and when she opened the gloss it smelt so delicious that when I saw this set for £1.50 I knew I just wanted to get it.. Ok so I won't use the gloss but the Impulse Spray is really nice. It's a little citrus-y but there's also quite a nice vanilla scent to it too. I actually saw this for 50p in Boots so I picked up another one a few months ago! It's really handy to have for a quick spray when I'm going out but not for anything special (for example, early morning driving lessons!) It stays on for quick a while so I get whiffs of vanilla throughout the morning (or afternoon) but I also find this is a handy handbag one for the work day. Nothing worse than feeling like you need to be refreshed but don't have anything to freshen up with! I like the can for the impulse one too, the dark blue is really pretty!

So that's my little collection of perfumes and body sprays. What do you think? Are there any ones that you think I'd like that I should have a little look at? Any in my collection that you love or hate? As always, I love to hear your views!

Until next time,

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