Thursday 2 February 2012

Mini Town Haul...


So today I had my "Store Approval" for Benefit...I had no choice but to get into town about an hour before I was due to head to the store so, instead of going for a coffee (unnecessary expense), I decided to go get a few bits that I needed and have a look for a simple black dress to replace the one that I've had for YEARS that is probably likely to be on it's way out soon (it still looks pretty good for it's age but I live in fear that one day it's just going to disintegrate and I'll be left without a go to simple black dress!)

First up is the one thing I've been meaning to get for the past 2 weeks and have just forgotten every time I've been into town! I know a lot of people prefer to get remover without acetone in it but I find it works much better. I've got a bit of a confession though...I did only pop into Superdrug to have a look at the Love Hearts collection by MUA only to find out that it doesn't come out until the 4th of this month...rubbish.  just wanted to have a little look at the polishes I swear! Anyway, I've come to have a preference for the Superdrug Acetone Formula Nail Polish Remover over any other ones. I just find it works better for me!

Their removers are currently on 2 for £1.99 so  obviously picked up two as I constantly misplace the first one I open!

My second stop on my tour of town was Boots. I wanted to get some more of their hair masks because I tried some just after Christmas and I LOVED them! These were on 3 for 2 so I decided to stock up! (Also my mum likes to use them too so this way there's plenty for everyone!) I really love smell of the Hi-Shine Conditioner one. It's Mango and Papaya and it just smells so divine! I think it does give some added shine to my hair. Out of the two of them I definitely prefer the Hydrating Hair Mask as I think the difference to my hair is really noticeable. It makes my hair so soft and easy to manage. If they did a big pot of this I would buy it without a second thought. So amazing!

These are £1.01 each (no idea why they can't just be £1 each...) but as I said, they were on 3 for 2 so it's justifiable...right?

Another product that I've been meaning to pick as a repurchase is the 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish in Seabreeze. This is one of my favourite blues and I think it's just a perfect colour. Now then, I generally always pop my Boots card into the machines by the doors so can see if there's any special deals that I can use. This time there was a "Get a free Blush and Glow with any purchase of another 17 product"...well, as I buying the polish anyway may as well get something free right?? I had a little look and there was a Strawberries Swirl one and a Peaches and Cream (I think...) one. I decided to go with the Strawberry Swirl one just because the Peaches one just looked a little bit too dark for me. I'll be honest, if this hadn't been free I wouldn't have got it. I have the 17 China Pink blush and the 17 Instant Glow Highlight and Bronze Powder (which I LOVE btw. The highlighter in it is just beautiful I think) so I really don't need the Blush and Glow at the moment...but why would I turn down free make up?? I don't know if I'll use it for myself yet or what but it's always nice to get something free when you're buying something anyway.

The nail polish cost £2.99 and the Blush and Glow would normally cost £3.99

Next stop, New Look! As I was looking for a new black dress, New Look seemed like a good place to start. They've got a sale on at the moment so the first half of the downstairs bit is packed with cheap stuff...I had a little look just in case I found a nice dress in there but I then got a little side tracked by the stand that had Christmas Gifts on it.. I was very restrained and didn't buy any of the nail polish sets ('m really trying to stick with my "Do you really need it?" thing...which has worked quite well with nail polish and make up so far. I just need to expand it from now on!) Anyway, I saw this Superman Wash Bag reduced to £7 and I just couldn't resist! I love Superman and I don't actually have a proper wash's a valid reason....ahem....It's got a handle on the side and a pouch inside it to keep some bits in. It's quite roomy and is made of a really sturdy/waterproof material. I'm hoping this will come in handy for a holiday one day soon!

When I got to the till....this had been reduced even further and was actually £3!! Massive bargain for a massive nerd!

So I actually went to the other New Look in my town and went upstairs to visit the Starbucks with a friend. However, it turned out that the Starbucks had closed friend wanted to have a look at the shoes and one thing lead to another and I happened to find myself in the men's section where I found these AWESOME Superman socks! (I already have one pair of Superman socks from Peacocks but....these ones are different and I'm apparently now a sock hoarder...) It really annoys me that it seems to be impossible to find Superman (or Batman or Ninja Turtles or Sonic etc etc) stuff for girls (except t-shirts really) If anyone knows where I can get girls Superman socks/pants/anything I'd be so grateful! I find boys socks quite comfortable for the winter as they keep my feet super warm. I have size 4 feet and these are for size 7-11! Extra warmth! Plus...they're cool...

These 3 pairs cost me £8.99 (a little more than I should have spent I think but hey, a geek has to indulge sometimes!)

(Excuse the dusty mirror! Didn't realise it was in need of a clean quite so drastically! Also the mirror is wonky because it's not attached to anything and is just balancing on my bin...classy. You can see that my knees are a bit bent so I can actually see my outfit properly!)
So in the first New Look I found this dress, which is almost exactly what I was looking for. I wasn't sure if I was going to keep it or not (hence the fact that the "stretch" sticker is still on the shoulder!) because a) it's a size 12 (I can fit into a size 12 but I really need to firm up more to be super comfy in that size) and b) it's a body con dress.... After taking this picture I moved my belt down a little and it made my hips look a little less....wide... I'm still not 100% sold on it, but as I'm aiming to lose a bit of weight and firm up this year then I might keep it as my incentive! It's a really nice dress and I think I could dress it up with a different coloured belt and accessories or dress it down too, which is nice. What do you guys think? Yay or nay? (Honest opinions welcome!)

This dress was a bargain at £8.99!  

And my final purchase in the second New shoes!! I've been looking for some closed toe heels for ages and when I saw these it was love at first site! I love that I can wear these with or without tights and they're pretty comfy too. My only issue with them is the fact that the toe seems to go up so I need to get used to that so that I don't tip over on a night out! I think I'll wear these for my birthday, I just love the elastic bondage straps on them!

These were reduced from £19.99 to £10! Seriously love them!

So what do you think of my mini haul? Have you found any good bargains recently? Any bits you'd like me to review more indepth?

Until next time,

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