Sunday 20 May 2012

Review: Sleek iDivine Palette in Storm


So I went shopping week ago and finally went into a Superdrug that stocked Sleek make-up. I know that Sleek is a favourite in the beauty blogging world and it always looks so nice. I've looked on the Sleek website before and thought a lot of the stuff was really nice but just didn't want to spend money on items that I hadn't ever been able see/swatch to know the quality. I know this seem hypocritical as I happily ordered from ELF but I'd seen a few products before and frankly, spending £1.50 on a product isn't so much of a risk (if that makes any sense at all?!) Anyway, the stand that I went to was pretty empty (it was about 3pm on a Saturday after all!) so I couldn't have a proper look which was a shame. However there were a few eyeshadow palettes left so I had a little play about and decided to pick up the Storm palette and the Acid palette (more on that later!)

So today I'm reviewing the Storm palette which is a 12 shadow palette with fairly neutral colours.

First up, I've gotta say I love the packaging. I basically brought this so I didn't have to bring my Naked palette on trips/when I stay over at people's houses (I'm really worried that it's going to break for some reason) I like this packaging because it's compact but sturdy....also quick sleek (do you see what I did there??)

Inside the palette are 12 colours with 3 matte colours and the rest have a nice shimmer to them.

From top left: (as they come out in the swatches - this picture makes them look different to how they actually look in the palette for some reason!)
1 - Shimmery Brown
2 - Shimmery Taupe
3 - Matte Taupe
4 - Shimmer Gold
5 - Shimmery Pink
6 - Shimmery Pinky Bronze
From bottom left:
7 - Shimmery Dark Brown
8 - Shimmery Silver
9 - Shimmery Moss Green
10 - Shimmery Navy
11 - Matte Brown
12 - Matte Black

 I really like this mix of colours as they are good for both day time and night time looks. Always handy to have a palette that has everything in it! The applicator is a standard double ended wand which I was a little bummed out about but actually it's REALLY good for precision and makes the shadows really pigmented on the eyelid.

Swatches - same as above in the palette.

These are literally with just one stroke with my finger. SO pigmented!! Can you see what I mean by this being a pretty god fix for the Naked palette? I did some comparison swatches and they are pretty similar but at the same time quite different in undertones (some of the Naked palette light shadows have pinky undertones to them whereas these ones have more yellow undertones) I really can't decide on which one is my favourite! I love the gold colour and the red/brown colour on the top far right. I also love how pigmented the matte black is. Perfect for smoky eyes!! The navy colours are beautiful too (although you can't really see them properly in this picture can you? I fail at swatches because my elbow bends at a weird angle!)

So I decided to do two quick looks with a few of the colours. For this brown smoky eye (for everyday use) I used (from the list above) number 2 on the whole lid, number 1 in the corner and crease and number 7 just in the corner. (Apologies for the dark circles/dodgy eyebrows...i wasn't wearing any make-up due to having time off work! Also no mascara to complete the look....shame on me!)

A closed eye shot so you can see the pigmentation better. This is with a pretty quick sweep of my eyeshadow brush. I think if I really did it properly that it would be even better (well...I know it would be because I wore this look to work on Tuesday....I just forgot to photograph it!)

This one was done using shade 4 and shade 10. I really love the fact that there is a navy in this set! I have a really lovely navy dress and every time I've done smokey eyes with it they always look too intense and I end up taking it all off an just going for a brown look (like above)

I swept the gold all over the lid and then followed with the navy in the corner and bended it over the crease a little. I also used my angled eyeliner brush to try using the navy eyeshadow as a powder liner and I'm really impressed with how it turned out. I think I'd like to try it on a day out so I could test the actual wear time of it but I like the idea of being able to use these as powder liners too. I'm really pleased with how this came out actually. I can definitely see me wearing this when I next wear my navy dress!

The brushes I used were:
ELF Eyeshadow brush (for blending)
ELF Eyeliner Brush (for the start of the navy eyeliner)
ELF Angled Eyeliner Brush (for the navy eyeliner flick)
Sleek Eyeshadow Applicator Sponge (included in the palette - pictured in first picture. I really can't stress how good these are for an intense swish of colour and for precise application in the corner of your eye - you'll see this more when I review the Acid palette soon!)

So there you have it, the Sleek iDivine Storm palette. This was £6.49 in Superdrug and I'm really glad I picked it up. I did have a little regret to start of with thinking "did I really need to buy yet another neutral eyeshadow palette??" but the answer is yes! It's going to be so handy for travel and I really love all the colours in it. There isn't a single colour that I wouldn't use and they are really pigmented, so for £6.49 I'm really pleased with this purchase! I also like the fact that Sleek are cruelty free and a lot of their products are suitable for vegans (full list of non-suitable products can be found in their FAQ list here) always a bonus in my book!

What do you guys think? DO any of you have the Storm palette or can you recommend other ones? Any other Sleek products products I should try out? (I've got my eye on their contouring kit...looks pretty good!)

Until next time,


  1. First of all, your eyes are so pretty! :) Second of all, ONE stroke of a finger? Wow! The pigmentation is impressive. I've been hearing a lot lately about all kinds of Sleek products, but have never been inclined to purchase them until now. Thanks for your very lovely post!

    1. Aw thanks for the compliment! :) Yeah I was REALLY impressed with the pigmentation! I kind of wish the stand had been fuller so i could've grab a few other products to try. Hopefully they're just as good! If you do decide to purchase let me know what you get :) (I love reading about other peoples purchases!)


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