Monday 4 June 2012

Selection of NOTD pictures!

So I've been really slack at keeping up with my NOTD posts, even though they are one of my favourite types of posts and I love doing them (and reading them on other people's blogs!) so instead of having a whole bunch of posts up for each individual nail look I'm going to post pictures of recent nails and you guys can let me know if you want more info. This post is going to be very picture heavy but I'm not posting which polishes I used/in depth techniques because it'll end up being WAY too epic! Some of these may be repeats from Sunday Roundups but I liked them enough to want to show them off again ;) Anyway, on with the pictures!

New Barry M colours that I wanted to try out (hence the accent nail) - before clean up obviously! (I'm so messy when I paint my nails!)

Glitter nails!

Red shimmer nails - this may have been a free polish that I was trying out but I'm not sure...

New Accessorize one that I wanted to try. Not exactly "3D" like they claim to be honest, but pretty none the less!

An abstract tape mani with an accent nail. I liked this one but, as you can see, I need practise with tape manis!

Just an excuse to use some new polishes that I got from the 17 range. I bloody love that blue colour!

These were the Collection Easter Nails competition. I did do these the night before the comp closed because of work hours, so they aren't exactly neat. Also done on fake nails as mine were all short at the time, which is never a good look for me unfortunately! But I was pretty pleased with how that rabbit came out considering I'm utterly crap at drawing!

For my birthday Leanne brought me a stamping naturally I went crazy and instantly changed my nails when I got back from hers! This was my first attempt so they're all a little wonky but I really liked the white on black look!

How cute is this little stamp character?! Aw!!

The other Konad colours in the kit were blue and red so I decided to try both of them over silver so they would stand out. I'm fairly sure this was a bit over the top but hey, I had a new toy to play with!

Multi-layer heart stamping.

These were my gradient, stamped nails for the Hello Flawless liquid foundation launch. I decided to match my t-shirt and nails because....well...why not right?

These are one of my favourite gradient, stamped nails I've ever done! I love the colours and the tiny bit of sparkle in the middle of the flowers just looks so pretty to me! I'm really gutted that this picture is such bad quality so you can't really see it as well as I'd like!

This was a little change for me....just the one colour on my nails! I really like teal colours and I'm pretty sure this is one of the Models Own beetlejuice colours which is more teal than purple but has a bit of a purple flash to it in certain lights. Very pretty but doesn't photograph well!

These were my nails for when I fulfilled a childhood dream and saw Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat live! Obviously I had to have nails to match the day and I was fairly impressed with how these turned out considering there were so many layers!! I put Models Own Juicy Jules over the top for a completely ridiculous manicure!

Bright water marbling.

More bright water marbling... I have a love/hate relationship with water marbling. I love the effect but hate the lack of precision. Sometimes nails turn out really badly and I spend the day being annoyed by my own nail effect!

Pastel water marbling. Loads of people at work loved these but I just felt they weren't bright enough for me.

Other hand for the pastel water marbling.

Gradient nails with the blow pen effect on top in yellow and gold. These were quite nice in the sunny weather. Picture taken before clean up (I really need to stop doing this!)

Other hand. You can see that blow pen effect (as I call it anyway!) is just as unpredictable as water marbling!

Firstly....I'm crap at doing random polka dots (they always seem to end up in an almost uniform pattern!) Secondly, these are actually loose powder eyeshadow mixed with clear polish to make new nail polish colours. I saw this on someones blog (I can't remember whose and I'm too tired to find out at the moment!) and I decided that it would be a really good way to use up the purple mineral eyeshadow sample that I got about a year ago! (I can't get away with purple this intense on my eyes) The light pink is one of my favourite GOSH eyeshadows that I got for a pound last year (I got about 4 of them in this colour and I'm kind of wishing that I hadn't sold 2 of them! So pretty and discontinued...) Anyway, it's really easy to do and these all took one coat of the mixture for total coverage. I'm pretty sure I'll do a "How to.." on this as I took photos for it so I feel like I should really get round to it! You can see though that a little more mixing was probably needed as they look a little bobbly, but this wasn't a huge issue in real life really.

I don't have nude colours in my nail polish life so I decided to have another go at the eyeshadow nail polish thing with my BellaPierre mineral shadow that I got in a She Said Beauty box. I liked the colour but I couldn't wear it for more than a day. As in I literally did this at 11am today and I took it off 2 hours ago because I needed bright nails in my life for work tomorrow. What can I say? Bright nails just make my day feel a little better! I really do like this colour for a more sophisticated look for occasions where wearing bright colours may not be ok...

This is to show that the slightly holographic look to the polish doesn't quite translate once it's mixed with clear polish. You can see the shadow on my eyes here.

Frankly, I've saved the best til last. I LOVED these nails so SO much! It's just a whole intense look with it being neon rainbow gradient stamped nails! I think it would've looked cool with leopard print stamping over the top but I do like this layered print too. (FYI the black I used for stamping was a Rimmel one as I found out that I didn't have to use a proper Konad polish for stamping, it's just not as pigmented which doesn't really bother me a huge amount.) I used 16 different colours in this look so that's 17 colours in total including base and top coat. In other news....I have a lot of spare time! Haha! This actually didn't take too long really. Maybe half an hour at the most. Oh! Also for the gradient stamping I just use a bog standard kitchen sponge cut up. It works fine and blend the polish quite well actually. Anyway, I bloody love this look and I would happily wear this for days if I didn't feel the need to have different nails for each day I'm in at work...

So there are a few of my NOTD pictures from the last few months. Obviously it's not every single one because that would be way too epic! Also I didn't photograph every change because there have been some that I have really disliked so I can't even bring myself to have a record of them! Haha! If there are any that you would like me to do more in depth posts about or if you want to know which colours I used or whatever then leave me a comment and I'll see what i can do for you :)

Hope everyone is enjoying the bank holiday!

Until next time,


  1. Oh my gosh, you've been busy! Such a lovely selection of nail pics, wish I could be as adventurous as you xo

    1. Thanks :) This was about 3 months of different nails.....also I have way too much free time apparently! Haha!


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