Friday 8 June 2012

Review: Montagne Jeunesse Travel Pamper Pack


So a little while back, the lovely folk at Montagne Jeunesse sent me a travel pamper pack to review. I did live in hope that it would mean I would magically have a trip away but alas, I just tried it out on a day off instead (and pretended that our fancy new bathroom was a hotel one instead! Haha!) I've been meaning to do this post for ages but having had a death in the family, things have kind of been put to one side recently that I kept meaning to do. The travel pamper pack has been designed to fit perfectly in your hand luggage for a weekend away including everything you might need for a nice little get away. It includes: Passion Peel Off Masque, Skin Smoother, Foot Cooler, Intensive Spa Hair Masque and 2 Body Washes. So...on with the review!

The pack comes in a cute little book type packaging that reminded me of the old "funfax" things that I had as a kid! I liked the way that it's small but sturdy and I did a little squidge test to see if it would hold up to being squished into my hand luggage (I'm notoriously bad at packing!) And the spine on it is pretty strong and I didn't feel like I would need to worry about any of the sachets exploding in my bag. I did actually carry it in my handbag for a day to give it a better test out and considering nothing exploded I was a) impressed and b) very glad! Haha!

Side Note -  It always makes me laugh at how happy the models look with their face masks on! I mean, I like doing a mask but I don't think I've ever been THAT happy (also I always get it in my eyebrows I will definitely never look like that model! Haha!)

The back has a little list of what you get in the pack and the lovely to see information that states that they don't test on animals or have any animal products in their masks (why would you need animal bits in a face mask?! Gross!) This is one of the things that I love about Montagne Jeunesse, they are suitable for vegetarians and a lot of their stuff is suitable for vegans too (ok granted I'm not either of these but I like the fact anyway!) They are also PETA certified too. (Also the packaging is easy to recycle as well. Always a bonus!)

So the packaging really is quite cute (I thought anyway...) The sachets kind of open like a book and are attached to the main bit with a very easy to use perforated edge. I was a little worried as I am crap at pulling things with a perforated edge (it never ends up being pulled off perfectly!) so I was worried these would split and spill everywhere, but they were really easy to peel out!

Passion Peel Off Masque - I've used this before and I LOVE this mask. It smells so good (it has passion flower and pomegranate in it as the main scents but also raspberry, cranberry, aloe vera, lotus blossom and evening primrose!) and works really well. I always find it takes a little longer than the 15-20 minutes to dry thoroughly on my skin because I have a fairly small face, yet still try to use all of the stuff in the sachet! So it ends up being a little thicker than it really should be! I find it leaves my skin feeling really smooth and refreshed with out being too dried out. I have combination skin and this just works beautifully on it. I've tried some of the other peel of masks from them but I always come back to this one (Skin Heroes peel off mask review coming soon!) I'm not 100% sure if I'd actually use a face mask on a weekend away but it would get used either way really!

Skin Smoother - This smelt divine! Apricot and Mango is such a lovely combination for shower stuff I think. It has walnut shell in it for the scrub part of it and it did work really nicely and left my skin feeling very smooth. However, it was a nightmare to get out the sachet. I still think there's a good second use left in there as it's not easy to squeeze out at all. This is a shame because it feels so nice! In my empty packet I can still feel a lot of the walnut stuff in there which makes me think my skin would've been even smoother if I'd been able to get it all out. But as a one off use on a weekend away, you can't complain too much I guess...

As you can see you basically just flip through to choose which item you want to use that time round, which I thought was kind of fun to be honest! (I'm a simple lady who enjoys the little things in life apparently! Haha!)

Body Wash - You get two of these which is quite handy for a weekend away. I found that 15ml was enough (and a bit extra) for one shower so it's a really good amount. I like the fact that if you're going away with a partner for a weekend, you can both use this as it's just orange scented so it's neither super girly nor epically manly. It's a very neutral scent, but still yummy! It's very good at waking you up too. I not going to lie, I was blown away with how amazing this was but as a shower gel it was pretty decent for a travel pack.

Foot Cooler - I haven't actually gotten round to using this yet! I totally missed it with the hot weather and now that it's rainy and blah again I don't want to use it and waste it! It's blueberry and spearmint scented which sounds like an interesting combination. According to the instructions you wash your feet, massage this on and leave it on. It's suppose to dry to a silky powder and leave you feet feeling lovely and refreshed. I'm very excited to use this when the hotter weather comes back (hopefully!!) and I'll let you know how it goes. I do like this as a little inclusion though as I think it'd come in very handy if you do a lot of walking on your weekend away!

Intensive Spa Hair Masque - I LOVE hair masks! So the inclusion of this is a massive bonus to me. As it's only a 3 minute mask, I know I'd definitely be able to fit this in to a weekend away. It's got lime oil and citrus in it (grapefruit, lemon and orange) but also vitamins E and A and sweet almond oil too. This sachet was more than enough for my small amount of hair but I'm not sure how well it'd fair on someone with long, thick hair. I always brush my conditioner through so that always tends to make it go further anyway so maybe that would help? I did like this mask but again, I wasn't blown away by it. It smelt nice and left my hair feeling nice and soft but I prefer the scent of my coconut one as it seems quite holiday-y (if that makes sense? I don't know what it is about coconut that makes me think of holidays....maybe I had a coconut scented sun cream when I was younger??) I just think that citrus is more to wake me up and not what I personally associate with a relaxing mask. However, it did leave my hair feeling nourished so it did it's job which is the main thing!

And finally at the other end of the pack is another body wash. As I said before, I think this is a good thing as your partner could always nab this if they wanted too (or if you let them!)

Overall I think this is a really nice, easy to carry travel pack. I would definitely consider getting this if I was (ever) to go away on a weekend break or something as it contains almost everything I'd need, yet with the ease of it not taking up loads of room or me feeling like I need to bring anything back because there's still half a small bottle left. The only thing I would still need to grab would be a shampoo (although you could probably just use one of the body washes for that if you forgot) and maybe another conditioner depending on how long you were planning to be away for. This costs £5 on the Montagne Jeunesse website with 75p standard delivery (or free delivery when you spend over £10) I'm not sure if they are available in stores but I know that Boots, Superdrug and Asda all do some of their products so maybe this handy pack will be available in one of those places soon!

What do you guys think? Would you pay £5 for this little set or would you still stick with travel sizes bottles? Let me know what you think!

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  1. that little set is adorable! I've never tried there stuff but that seems fairly reasonable.

    1. I was really in love with the packaging of it! I highly recommend their face masks. I have fairly sensitive skin and I've never had a problem with them at all! They're pretty much the only brand I use for face masks now.

  2. are you kidding me? Montagne Jeunesse is the only facial masks my skin is ok with, but I didn't know they make packs like this! Amazing! thank you for letting us know, Robyn;-)

    1. I was pretty excited to find out about this pack, it's pretty much got everything you'd need for a weekend away! Plus, like you, they're the only facial mask my skin is ok with so I had no problems with trying out their other products as I figured they probably weren't going to cause any issues! Plus I love that they are cruelty free too.


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