Sunday 22 July 2012

Things I Probably Shouldn't Have Brought - The Nail Edition


So I know I haven't been able to post much in the last few weeks, I've moved house and have been on training for work and I've just been exhausted! I feel like I've not had a proper day off in two weeks because even on my days off from work, I've had things to do - moving house, Olympic torch watching, seeing the new chicks at home and I also went an author talk and signing for Jasper Fforde who is my favourite author too! Exciting! Anyway, this means that I've been so busy and blogging has kind of taken a back seat to unpacking really! I'm actually pretty impressed that I've almost unpacked fully (and actually hung my clothes up in my wardrobe!!) The only things left are my beauty boxes full of my make-up and nail polish and my boxes of dvds! I'm so proud of myself! Haha! Anyway, on with the post....
So continuing the "God lord, why did I buy that?!" series, I have an epic nail polish post for you. Now then, some of you may know that I have a little bit of an addiction to nail polish. For someone who never has any money, I sure seem to be able to buy a lot of nail polishes! However, I have been known to make a few.....errors of judgement when buying new here's a few of them for you the peruse.... (again, no judgement on the polishes as they may work for other people, this is just me waffling about things I don't like that much....)

Superdrug Nail Polish Remover Acetone Free - I brought this to try instead of the other Superdrug one with acetone because I'd done the blogger thing of reading about the disadvantages of acetone on your skin and nails and thought "oh...I should get some acetone free stuff then!" This turned out to be a huge mistake as this takes FOREVER to take off the polish and I didn't notice any difference to my skin or nails to be honest. The main drawback of this though is that it smells terrible! I found it was really potent and really stung my nose and eyes. Absolutely disgusting! Plus if I threw the used cotton pads in the bin in my bedroom I could smell the remover for days. Lovely.

Sally Hansen No More Breaks - I brought this when I first started growing my nails as they were very bendy and broke very easily and I thought this would help. I also brought the Maximum Growth polish too, which I can't rave about enough! However this one is just terrible! It just peels off and didn't seem to do anything. I recently got the OPI Nail Envy instead and it's FAR better than this one. You can see that it's practically still full so if anyone found that this worked for them let me know and it's yours.

Beauty UK Shatter Polish in Glam Rock - This is a really good shatter polish in a nice colour but I've used it maybe twice. I just don't really like shatter polishes anymore as I prefer doing my own nail art now. I'll keep hold of this just incase I fancy the shatter look for some night out (ie when I'm too tired to do anything fancy but want my nails to look a bit exciting!)

Barry M Nail Paint Shatter Polish in Black - This was my first foray into shatter polishes and, although the overall effect is quite good, it is one of the worst shatter effect polishes I've ever used. Whereas the Beauty UK one is quite a thin consistency and easy to use, this one is so thick and dries up in the bottle. It felt like I got 3 good uses out of it before it went all clumpy and weird. What a waste of money.

Beauty UK Matte Top Coat - This is really good and works really well. It does exactly what it claims to do and dries pretty quickly too. Why is it in my list you ask? Well.....I LOVE having shiny shiny nails so this top coat is pretty damn useless for me! Again, I'll keep hold of it in case I fancy something different but I really will just stick with my Sally Hansen Instra-Dri top coat for shiny shiny goodness!

Barry M Limited Edition Nail Paint - I brought the Lilac one in Superdrug as it was an exclusive and my brain went "Hey! Exclusive!! You NEED that!" I didn't brain but thanks. To get the exclusive one for free you had to buy 2 other nail paints I think so I got the gold foil effect one too. Now then, these are nice polishes but you can really see the brush strokes on them so you have to be really painstakingly careful with them both if you want it to look perfect. I wouldn't personally say these are "foil effect" really as they don't have that super shiny finish to them as actual foils do. They aren't bad quality or anything but I just didn't need them. Plus the gold one is that weird light gold and it just doesn't suit me personally. Side Note: I also have the silver one of these which I do quite like, even if it still isn't what I'd call a foil effect really.

17 High Gloss Nail Polish in Sphinx - This is a beautiful shimmery almost holographic gold that applies really well and dries quite quickly. It's on my list because it's another pale gold colour. These just don't suit me so this was a super unnecessary purchase!

17 Fast Finish Nail Polish in Lilac Storm - Another super pale colour. What is wrong with me?? Anyway this one isn't very good. It takes FOREVER to get decent coverage and it really is just too pale for me, which is a shame because it seems like a really nice shimmery colours in the bottle.

17 Fast Finish in Peacock - I really love this colour and consistency...but I have many that are like this (and recently brought the Barry M teal one too...) so I really didn't need this one.....or the 5 other teal colours that are exactly the same...

Filthy Gorgeous Nail Polish in Valentine - I got this in one of my She Said Beauty boxes so at least I didn't spend money on this....It's such a nice colour and I love the name too, however the staying power is crap! I put it on with my trusty Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat and within half an hour it had already chipped. Annoying! I actually have these on a stand next to my counter at work and whenever people ask me about them I always steer them away from this brand. It's a shame because I really wanted to like this polish as I really do love the colour but I just can't get on board with a nail polish that chips so easily.

Rimmel 60 Seconds 730 Silver Bullet - This is just not at all what I was expecting. It's really really sheer and I just didn't find it to be very good at all. I've tried this once and now it just sits in the box gathering dust. Shame really because the colour is really pretty.

ELF Nail Polish in Pearl Pink - This isn't as pigmented as my other ELF nail polishes which is why I was disappointed with it. I have one from Natural Collection that is a similar colour (seriously need to stop buying polishes that are the same damn colour!) but my NC one is very pigmented so this was a total wash for me. Luckily I brought it in one of their 50% off sales so it only cost me 75p.

And the final two...

Revlon Nail Polish in Facets of Fuchsia - Oh. My. God. How bad is this polish?! I keep trying it in the hope that I'll change my mind but I just hate this colour. It looks so god damn pretty in the bottle but I just find that the purple glitter just fades away when it's on and it just looks like a black nail polish unless my nails are in the right light. It also takes so many coats to get it opaque and I just don't like it. Angry Robyn with this purchase!

Accessorize 3D Nail Polish in Dream - I own a couple of Accessorize nail polishes and I love them! Aztec is one of my favourites and for £4 it's really good value. The lid kind of annoys me as I find it more difficult to hold and get precision (if that makes sense?) because of the bulky lid but I can't fault the other polishes. However this one is just a total miss for me. It certainly didn't make me go "wow! My nails looks 3D!" (What does that even mean?! Aren't my nails already 3D anyway??) But it just wasn't a great polish to me personally. I found it annoying that it took so many coats for opacity (4!!) and then to get it smooth with a top coat it required a further 3 coats of my Sally Hansen top coat! That's 7 layer people! 7!! I just got bored of painting my nails and having to wait til it was dry between coats as it would bunch up if I didn't wait. UGH! I was quite disappointed with this one as I really love my other Accessorize polishes and would happily buy more from them...but not from their 3D polish range.

So those are my main epic fails in my nail polish range. I do have other polishes that I don't really like but they aren't so terrible that I can include them in this "What was I thinking?" post. So what do you guys think? Any in there that you also dislike or have I included some of your favourite polishes?? All feedback is welcome so let me know what you think! :)

Until next time,


  1. I know its horrible for your nails & skin but I only buy nail polish with acetone..the acetone free just doesnt work:)

    Sara xx

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who listened to the advice on acetone free remover and then ignored it anyway! I do find that acetone free just doesn't take my polsh off completely unfortunately. Lovely blog btw :) xxx


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