Tuesday 27 November 2012

Review: Bare Minerals Buxom Time To Shine Set


Apologies on not blogging for the last week, I've been busy with work and then I was really ill :( I'm feeling better now and will hopefully not feel crappy when I return to work tomorrow....

I've been meaning to do this post for quite a while now as I originally brought this set a month ago but I've been so busy that it's just been left until now, which actually works out well as I've had time to use them all so can give you a proper review rather than just a first impressions deal.

Now then, if you look back in previous posts you'll see that I've never been a lipgloss kind of girl, but when I first started working at Bare Minerals I discovered that the range of lipsticks I get on my mini counter was not enough for there to be one that actually suits me. They're all a bit too brown toned or very pale pink. This was a shame as I love the consistency of their lipsticks but will have to get some that I don't sell on my counter, which will be awkward when someone asks me which colour I'm wearing! (this happens a lot on counter!) So I started wearing the Pretty Amazing colours instead. I love these as they are kind of a liquid lipstick but are really long wearing and also very glossy. Now then, for hygiene reasons, I never actually use the applicator for putting these on, so when you use your finger they lose a bit of their glossiness....this led me to trying out the lip glosses in an attempt to make my lips look a bit glossier and healthier. I do like the Natural Lipglosses but I personally tend to find them a tad stickier than the Buxom glosses (although they do feel amazingly soft when you put them on!) So, I started to use the Buxom lipglosses everyday and eventually realised that I bloody loved them! Obviously, working in the company, I got to find out what was coming out for Christmas way before Christmas....and as soon as I saw this little set I knew I had to have it! I'd been thinking about getting one or two of them for a while, but was finding it hard to narrow down the choice between all the colours. Literally as soon as this came in I put one aside for myself as they are limited edition and I didn't have that many come in, so I know it's bad, but with it being my counter, I get first pick of the goodies! Haha! So, on with the review...

Buxom Time To Shine is a set of 6 mini Buxom lipglosses with different finishes to them. They're all 2ml of  product, which puts them at about £8.00 each (the full size ones have 4.45ml in them and are £18.00 each) I'll be honest the packaging is ok but not particularly "high end" or anything. I say this because I had to re-glue a few of them as they had come unstuck down one edge in transit. It was a fun way to spend a Wednesday morning...

So the 6 colours (and the finishes) that you get are (from left to right):
Buxom Lip Polish in Sugar - Sheer Finish
Buxom Lip Polish in Katie - Sheer Finish
Buxom Lip Polish in Gina - Diamond Finish
Buxom Lip Polish in April - Diamond Finish
Buxom Lip Cream in Berry Blast - Cream Finish
Buxom Lip Cream in White Russian - Cream Finish

I must admit that when I first saw the set in person, I thought that I probably wouldn't use White Russian or Katie because they are both nude colours and I'm not a fan of the nude lip...however, again I have changed my mind completely on this! Sometimes you have a look that just NEEDS a nude lip to complete it and these two are perfect for that. Katie is also perfect over the top of intense lip colours too just to give them some shimmer without changing the colour at all. The sheer finish colours all have a tiny bit of shimmer to them and then the diamond finish colours have this really intense glitter which I personally think is awesome! The cream finishes are a more intense colour with just a glossy finish and no shimmer or glitter. These also look great layered with other colours.

Swatches in the same order as above.

I think it's a good colour selection and a good mix of finishes too. I personally love the diamond finishes the most but that's because I love to go all out with my lip colour most of the time! I've found that I've used them all quite a lot and am very tempted to get another set before they run out!! The one that I use the least is probably Sugar, which is odd because it's my Mum's favourite! I think it's because it's quite brown toned but it's quite nice for a really natural bronzed look.

All the glosses have this doe foot applicator, which I find quite easy to use. I know some people prefer the brushes on the Natural Lipglosses but I generally find these ones easier to use and to line my lip shape.

All in all, I absolutely love this set! I know I might seem biased because I work for the company but I will always be honest in my opinions and I really do just love the colours and finishes in this set. I also love the slight tingle too! This set retails for £26.00 but I got mine with my staff discount which made it £20.80 and then I used £5 off my Debenhams Beauty Card which took it down to £15.80! What a bargain! I highly suggest this as a nice gift for Christmas (or for yourself!) or you can buy it and split it between people too (this was something that was suggested to me by a customer actually!) You can get this on most Bare Minerals counters (if they still have it in stock!) or on the Bare Minerals website. You can also get this on the Debenhams website, which currently has 10% off this week too (and a free 500 bonus points when you spend £40.00 on beauty or fragrance in one go! That's £5 to spend on yourself when the points have been converted!)

So what do you guys think of this set? Is it something you'd want for yourself or get for a gift? Or do you think the colours aren't quite for you? 

Until next time,


  1. I adore Buxom glosses (and Mascara), I'm so lusting over this set right now:)

    Sara xx

    1. Buxom glosses are lovely aren't they?? I've not tried the mascara, do you have a review on your blog about it? I highly recommend this set, even more so when it's on offer!

  2. Oooo as a lipgloss addict I am immediately drawn to these - they look lovely! xxx

    1. I must admit, I do love a good set of something and these are pretty amazing! And that's coming from a girl who hates lipgloss!!


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