Tuesday 11 December 2012

Blog Swap Goodies!!


So a while back I entered a little blog swap that Jasmine over at Sweetaholic Beauty was organising and after all the hassle that I assume Jasmine had to go through to pair people up, I got a lovely email saying that I was paired up with Neeka from NikaBeauty who lives in Australia. After a fair few emails back and forth to determine what to buy each other, the hunt for some brilliant presents was on! Now then, I'm the kind of person who absolutely LOVES buying presents for people....but then get super nervous that said person will absolutely hate what I've gotten them and I spend a lot of time checking they liked it all/explaining my reasoning behind why I brought them those items.... So the thought of blog swap was both fun and terrifying at the same time! (This was probably obvious to Neeka when she opened her box and found a ridiculously long note explaining ever single product choice to her! Haha! Even when I'm half a world away, I will stick with my bad habits!)

Anyway, we both posted our parcels on the same day and then there was the waiting period....Mine actually arrived about 3 or 4 days after Neeka had posted it to me, which was super fast and super exciting! I arrived home after a terrible day at work to find this box of goodies sat waiting for me. Now then. Neeka had already emailed me to apologise for the fact that she'd had to take the nail polishes that she'd brought out of the packet at the post office, so I was expecting it to be a fairly light parcel.....this was not the case at all and when I opened it, it was totally packed with goodies!!! Everything was wrapped in tissue paper too so it really did feel like Christmas had come early!

Everything neatly packed into bubble wrap...obviously I paid more attention to the super cute jelly lolly to start with!

Everything still wrapped (it took a lot of effort to stop and take this picture!) The chocolate was very quickly consumed by myself....and my Mum and Dad too! The Marvellous Creations Cadbury Chocolate was SO good!! I'm totally going to have to search for some of that in the UK as now the normal Cadbury stuff seems so boring! (The Marvellous Creations one had smarties, popping candy and bits of cherry flavoured jelly in it! Sounds weird I know but it tasted so so good!!)

So the one nail item that got through customs was this set of nail stickers. I don't tend to buy these myself because I always feel like I have tonnes of nail varnish that I should be using instead but I'm always so thrilled when I receive them as a gift (this means I don't have to feel guilty right?) I'm excited to use these and love the design too!

This hand cream smells so good!! It sinks in well and is now a staple before bed to keep my hands soft! The soap also smells good and I will be trying this out next time I have a bath as we have no soap dish in our shower!

I've been using the primer before putting my makeup on for work as my skin had been having a bit of a flair up due to the temperature changes and it's really good! More like a moisturiser than a heavy primer, which I like! The ointment might seem like an odd one to find in a beauty swap but I've been using this on my very dry skin and it's really helped a lot I think! Plus I scolded my foot when my hot water bottle burst today so this was super handy for that too!!

I'd tried a bronzer that looked fairly similar to this on Dior the day the parcel arrived...and I'd been seriously thinking about getting the Dior one....so obviously I was super hyped to see this in there! I've really gotten into bronzers recently so this is a great addition to my stash!

The shimmer eyeshadows are so pretty!! And as a bonus to me, loose eyeshadows can be used as nail polish too, so you know these colours will be used for that at some point soon! The neutral palette is SO pigmented! I absolutely love it!

The lip products are all amazing and exactly my kind of colours! The pink lip colours on the left of the picture are all so pretty and feel nice too. The sheer gloss ones are perfect for a quick bit of colour but feel really moisturising too (perfect for my normal winter chapped lips!) and that penguin secretly houses some lip balm in it! This is now constantly in my handbag....and not just because it's super cute and I bloody love penguins (although that does help!)

All the goodies in one picture.

I honestly don't think I could've been happier. I know Neeka was disappointed that she couldn't send the nail polishes, and although we all know I would've loved some more nail polish, it's not like this parcel was in anyway a disappointment because it was missing nail polish! I think I would've picked out everything here for myself so it's amazing how a stranger  halfway across the world can a present so right!(I say stranger...we've emailed so much that I don't think I can call Neeka that anymore!) I'm so utterly thrilled with this blog swap and would definitely participate in more as I had so much fun buying the presents for Neeka and then so much fun opening the presents from her too! If you'd like to see what I got for Neeka then click here to view her blog post on the swap. The only downside to this swap is the fact that, considering how much I love everything, once I run out of something I'm going to have to send Neeka some money so I can re-purchase stuff! Haha!

I'd like to say a huge thank you to Jasmine for her time and effort in organising this swap and to Neeka for the nice chats via email and the amazing haul of goodies!!

What do you guys think? Anything in there that you'd like a full review on?

Until next time,


  1. You got some great things, I've done an Aussie swap and it was great fun :) x

    1. Opening all the presents was a real joy I must admit! I think swaps are a great idea....what did you get?

  2. I'm so glad you loved the gifts! It was so much fun doing this swap and im still yet to go through everything you got me!
    BTW the paw paw ointment is a staple in most aussie girls' bags. we use it as lip balm, seriously amazing! x

    1. Haha! I hope you enjoy everything I got for you once you finally get through it all! I tried the paw paw ointment as a lip balm and it's amazing!! Thanks :)


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