Tuesday 14 May 2013

EOTD - Featuring Dior Backstage Mono Eyeshadows


So today I bring you an eye of the day look that my friend who works on the Dior counter next to me did for me about 9 weeks ago now! I haven't been able to get the photos up so it's a little bit later than I wanted it to be but oh well! Now then, the one really great thing about working in cosmetics is that you can have a play about with all the new shiny things that come in as soon as they arrive! It's like Christmas for all of us when the new collections come into store! The Dior ones are usually the most exciting just because well....it's Dior you know? (Although the new Lancome palettes were worth the wait too!)

Anyway, the new mono shadows came out with the backstage collection and we all had fun swatching them like crazy! I had some spare time after work and volunteered myself for a trial of some of the colours...it's a hard job but someone has to do it right? Haha! There are quite a few colours to choose from but we decided one the silvery white, pink and purple because I really wanted to try the sparkly white one and those colours are just drying to be used together!

These eyeshadow can be used wet or dry and look stunning either way, they just look a bit more intense with a wet brush. I do think that pretty much any solid eyeshadow can be used wet, just spray the brush first with a tiny bit of water and most should be fine I think. I may be wrong but any I've tried it with have been fine (please don't sue me if you try it with a palette and it doesn't work though ok?!)

Here's a lovely picture of my face with my eyes open so you can barely see any eyeshadow them at all! Note the sexy pinned back fringe, fire escape in the background and slightly red eyes from where I'd had a mini meltdown earlier in the day! You can also see where Toyah has used the purple as an eyeliner underneath my eyes - This has to be one of my favourite things at the moment, using  powder shadow as my eyeliner.

Eyes closed shot so you can see the way they've been blended ever so nicely! 

Slightly closer look so you can see the detail a little better. I like the way Toyah used the purple as an eyeliner on the top too. It's subtle but gives a bit of definition too. 

Products used:
  • Dior Skin Nude Foundation (The only liquid foundation i will use at the moment, and only when Toyah does my make-up really...unless it's for a night out and then I have to put my trusty BareMinerals on still!)
  • BareMinerals Dark Blonde/Brown Eyebrow Powder (LOVE this powder so very much!)
  • Dior Universal Bronzer in Number 2
  • Dior Rosy Glow Blush
  • Dior Mono Eyeshadow in #006 Swan (Sparkly White)
  • Dior Mono Eyeshadow in #887 Bow (Pink)
  • Dior Mono Eyeshadow in #176 Lilas Mitzah (Purple)
  • Dior Iconic Overcurl Mascara
  • Dior Addict Lipgloss in #13 Etoilee (I think! It's the clear sparkly one)
Now then, these are super beautiful colours but at £22.50 per shadow, I simply can't afford to buy those 3 colours (I don't think I could really justify one to be honest!) I have a palette that pretty much has all 3 colours in it anyway, which is my BareMinerals A-List palette but the white colour isn't quite as sparkly really....so at a push I could probably talk myself into buying that one (if I ever had £22.50 spare...) It looks very pretty with a grey/black smokey eye look too! The other two are very pretty, but I personally think you can probably buy the same sort of colours for cheaper (Seventeen have some fab little mono eyeshadows that contain a very similar pink and purpler colour to the Dior ones) but I seriously haven't seen another white sparkly eyeshadow quite like the Dior one, without it being a loose powder of course. The downside to the loose powder ones, for me, is that the sparkly tends to spread across the eye and you can't really use them wet like you can with a pressed shadow. 

What do you guys think about the Dior Mono Wet/Dry Eyeshadows? Have you played with any of them at all, if so which ones are your favourites? 

Very quick side note for you guys - the clear sparkly lipgloss is very pretty and looks nice on it's own but can also add definition to any lip colour at all without changing the initial colour....however, the Dior one is £22....and you guys know me, I love finding cheaper alternatives because I'm not made of money at all! So low and behold, here is my alternative for you....it's from H&M and cost £1.99!! It's exactly the same, if not actually a little bit better in my opinion. It has a bit of a subtle fruity flavour to it as well which is nice. I don't know if it has a name but it was just in the make-up bit of my local H&M and was also in the two others I visited over the next few days (I didn't just go on a H&M store tour by the way...) I highly recommend this lipgloss if you like the Dior one but can't afford the price tag. 

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