Tuesday 7 May 2013

My Current Make-Up Storage


So I recently got some new make-up storage and thought I would share it with you. I need my make-up storage to be portable because I tend to get ready in different places in my room as I'm no good at getting ready in a rush at my desk for some reason! I would really like some storage drawers for proper storage but think I'd prefer them for my nail polish (seriously need some good storage for my nail polish!!)

So here is how I'm keeping all my make-up at the moment. I actually keep some of it in the drawers next to my desk (my Naked palette and Oz palette don't fit in anything else) but everything else is in these bits. I have 5 main storage units, 4 of which keep my everyday work make-up in. The box at the back has everything I can't wear to work (mainly lipsticks!) There was a lot more but I recently had a bit of an overhaul and gifted loads of stuff to one of my friends who doesn't have much money to spare for herself on make-up but still loves it (not in a charity way....more in a "Dude....I'm not going to ever get to use this, do you want it before I give it to charity?!" kind of way! I prefer giving things to friends first as that way I know it's going to good home!) 

(Apologies for the dirt brushes! I'd washed them 2 days before this I swear!)

My Mum brought this for me as an Easter gift instead of giving me chocolate as she was apparently tired of hearing me complain about never knowing where I'd put my brushes each day! Haha! She got this in Lakeland for around £10 - £15 I think. I was surprised that she got it in Lakeland to be honest! It's got 3 compartments on one side and one big compartment on the other with 6 elasticated sections for brushes on that side too. And if that weren't enough there is a little drawer underneath that holds all my extra brushes that I don't use everyday - there's a lot of extra eyeshadow brushes in there at the moment! 

So in this one I keep the brushes I use everyday in there - Foundation, Bronzer, Blusher, Concealer and Eyebrow, my different foundations - Loose and Ready, my two eyebrow shades (ELF eyebrow kit and the dark matte shade from the Sleek Storm palette), a handful of my BareMinerals Ready eyeshadow palettes and my mini Mineral Veil. In the other side I keep my eyelash curlers, mascaras, a few eyeliners, a few other brushes that don't fit in the brush bit or the drawer and my Dior Universal Lipliner.

This is another little gift my Mum got for me from Lakeland. Again I think this was around £10. My only issue with these drawers are that they get a bit grubby a bit too quickly for my liking! But they go really well with my room design and also fit really neatly in the chest of drawers next to my desk....so I have a set of drawers in a set of drawers! 

In here I keep: my concealers, bronzers, blushers (spilling into 3 drawers now!) and my highlighters. 

This box I got from a BareMinerals Christmas set and folds open easily to reveal all my loose BareMinerals eyeshadows. I've got them upside down so I can see which ones are which easily....however this does mean that a lot of the product ends up in the lid so you have to be careful when opening them. The little pots are from another Christmas set and fit very nicely in here....I am running out of space though so maybe I should stop buying eyeshadows!

This is the Superman tin from in the first picture and it contains all my BareMinerals lip products and the White Hot palette that I got for Christmas too (It's the only place to put it at the moment) My friend got me this for Christmas as I bloody love Superman and I absolutely love keep my lipsticks in it as it brightens my day up everyday! Plus there's room for all the new Moxie bits that are coming out next month ;) Can't wait for new lipsticks!!

The lilac box at the back was given to me for my birthday a few years ago by my ex-boyfriend. It was a super thoughtful gift and I hadn't actually mentioned wanting a case like this, so the boy did good with that present! It folds out to reveal a big space at the bottom and two small shelves on each side, the bottom shelf with one long compartment and the top shelf with 3 smaller compartments. 

In here I keep:

Bottom Compartment - False eyelashes (in the pink glossybox, eyeliners (in the gold pencil case), Spare BareMinerals bits from various kits and a few other bulkier bits including my Sleek Acid Palette.

Left side - lipsticks and lipglosses from various brands.

Right side, bottom shelf - Dior Nude Shimmer Highlighter, brush shampoo, smaller eyeshadow palette and a lip balm that doesn't fit in the other side!

Right side, top shelf - Various eyeshadows, a Ready foundation that I think is too yellow for me and for some reason, a pack of matches underneath it! (I brought loads from sainbury's a while back and seem to have put them all over my room so I always have a pack to light my scented candles....I tend to lose them otherwise!)

How do you guys store your make-up? Any ideas on nail polish storage for me?? Anything you've spotted in my stash that you'd like a review on?

Until next time,

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