Sunday 25 August 2013

A Little Montagne Jeunesse Haul...


So the other day I had an email from Montagne Jeunesse about their new body smoothies range with a lovely 20% off code in there naturally I took full advantage and also added a few more things to my basket before hitting the checkout!

So I got the Gorgeous Gift Pamper pack (contains 5 different face masks), Natural Charcoal Nose Pore Strips, Anti Shadow Cool Eyes and the Goji Berry Body Smothie. I needed to grab some new face masks anyway as my supply had finally run out (I do tend to hoard face masks!) and the nose pore strips were something else I was going to get anyway, but the under eye cooling pads were a treat to try them out and see if they would help with my dark circles at all!

  • Natural Charcoal Nose Pore Strips - £1.49 for 3 strips - I decided to try these ones as I usually go for the de-clog ones of the Boots/Superdrug own brand ones with witch hazel or tea tree in and, frankly, they don't really seem to do that much. These ones however, are going to become a regular purchase I think! I was SO impressed with how well they worked and how nice they were to use too. I was very surprised/slightly grossed out by how much crap they pulled from my nose actually! Well worth the price I think!
  • Anti Shadow Cool Eyes - £1.99 for a resealable pouch of two - I got these because I've been suffering with dark circles under my eyes for the last month or so due to lack of sleep/stress/not drinking enough water etc. I thought it would be interesting to see if things like this really work or not. You put them in the fridge for a few hours first to really cool them down and then you pop them on under your eyes and let the magic happen. I'll be honest, these were a bit of a dud for me. The cooling part was absolutely divine on a warm summers day, but other than that I saw no difference at all and just felt a bit slimy really. I found them difficult to use/put on and wasn't really sure what I was doing with them really. These won't be a repurchase for myself unfortunately.

  • Goji Berry Body Smoothie - £6.49 for a 200ml Tub - I debated for a while over which one of these to get as there are 4 to choose from. I ended up going with this one because it also has peach in it and I love peachy things! It's kind of mousse like almost and a bit spongy to the touch, which was a surprise as I was expecting a Body Shop Body Butter type product. The texture kind of reminds me of those "alien goo" things you could get as a kid....but smelling far nicer and being very nourishing for the skin...and not ending covered in fluff where I've accidentally dropped it in the dogs basket that one time.... Despite it's strange texture, it smells amazing and is so so moisturising without feeling heavy on my skin. You don't need much either which is another bonus, as I can see this pot lasting for ages which gives me super value for money. I'm tempted to put in another order for the other 3 but know I should wait a while until I actually need some more body moisturiser!

  • Gorgeous Gift Pamper Pack - £5.00 for 5 face masks - I'd never really looked at the gift section on the Montagne Jeunesse website but I stumbled into it whilst trying to decide which face masks to get. I'm glad I did because a) they have some great little packs that I can get for friends at Christmas or for their birthday and b) I ended up getting myself one of the cheaper packs which took the hard decision making process of which masks to get out of my hands! I like the fact that this set has a mixture of masks, so for someone like me who just can't decide which ones to get, it makes it easier and means I have less deciding to do! I've actually used all these masks before and love them all too, so that always helps! It's nice to have a little box to keep them in too, so they don't end up randomly stuffed in various drawers in my room! 
This lot came to £13.67 with free P&P After the 20% discount for the body smoothie and I'm really pleased with most of my purchases. As I said, I wouldn't get the eye stuff again as it didn't really work for me, but the rest was a hit and well worth the spend. 

Have any of you guys tried the Body Smoothie range? Which one would you recommend for my next purchase??

Until next time,

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