Friday 23 August 2013

A Small Haul From The Body Shop....


So the other week The Body Shop had yet another voucher that made everything super cheap (pretty sure I haven't brought anything for full price in about 2 years now!) and I needed to get a few bits anyway....and then brought some more stuff just because I could and I wanted too! The have a little sale section in my local Body Shop that was included in the 40% off voucher naturally I had a little browse in that section and came away with 3 more shower gels (don't judge me!)

So this is a lovely picture of all the bits I brought (minus the beautifying oil I got for my Mum as she'd already grabbed it and used it!)

  • Papaya Body Butter - Normally £5 in the sale - This smells amazing! It's light and fruity without being over the top. I really want to love the passion fruit one but it's just a bit too much for me, so this is a great alternative!
  • Almond Hand and Nail Butter - Normally £11 (on sale online at the moment for £7.70) - I had the cream version of this in the metal tube and loved it....but hated the metal tube as it cracked and was a bit useless in my bag. This sits on my bedside table and gets used every night! The smell is really lovely and it's so nourishing! This will be a staple in my night routine from now on.
  • Sweet Lemon Body Butter - Normally £5 in the sale - I actually got this for a friend of mine as she is obsessed with the Sweet Lemon range and is gutted that they are discontinuing it. She's had a bit of a rough time recently so I brought it for her to cheer her up a bit. I don't think I've ever seen someone so happy about body butter than when I gave this one too her! Haha!
  • Madagascan Vanilla Flower Shower Gel - Normally £6.50 - I brought this because I had a small one in a set a while ago and totally fell in love with this scent. I don't like the body mist because it's too strong but the shower gel is lovely.
  • Vanilla Body Mist - Normally £7.50 - This was brought because I really like Vanilla scented things but haven't been able to find one that wasn't too sweet smelling. This one is the right balance for me and leaves a really nice vanilla scent on my skin for ages!
  • Coconut Beautifying Oil - Normally £9 - This was a repurchase. I love the scent of it and love using it as an overnight hair oil and for shaving my legs too! It leaves my legs feeling soft and smooth and I don't get any razor burn at all!
  • Blueberry Shower Gel - Normally £3 in the sale - This smells amazing and I pretty much only brought it because of this fact. I love the Body Shop shower gels so this is a nice addition to my collection (I will stop buying so many one day I promise!)
  • Raspberry Shower Gel - Normally £3 in the sale - This smells a bit like the jam in jammy dodgers when I've used it. Enough said I think!
  • Papaya Shower Gel - Normally £3 in the sale - This is so good to use before putting the body butter on as it helps the scent stay a little longer and just smells amazing!
So that's my Body Shop haul! This lot cost me just under £20 altogether as I had a Love Your Body card that was on it's last stamp which meant I got and extra £10 off (those cards are very handy!) I really will stop buying shower gel now, I promise.....although come the zombie apocalypse, at least I'll be able to smell lovely for about a year!! Haha!

Have any of you guys brought any Body Shop bits recently? Or have anything I should add to my list of things to check out next time I'm in there?? The currently have 2 offers on their website which are 40% off all purchases OR £25 off when you spend £50 (otherwise known as 50% off....)

Until next time,


  1. They're discontinuing the sweet lemon range?! I didn't know that! It's not my fave but it's a good one to use when your not well and all other scents make you feel sick. Love the haul hun!

    I've given you a Liebster Award on my blog :-) Check out this post to read the questions I thought up for you!

    1. Yeah my friend was really upset when she found out! The girl in store said it was because it's not super popular, but that they bring back ranges all the time! Maybe this one will make a comeback sometime too?? I've not really tried it but the lip butter smells pretty good!

      Thanks for the award, I'll check it out tomorrow! Thanks :) xxx


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