Thursday 16 January 2014

Review: No7 Protect & Perfect Lip Care AKA My Lip Saviour!


So Winter is well and truly making itself known now I think! The weather before Christmas wasn't too bad but now it's all over the place and everyone at work seems to be slightly ill but not in a hardcore way...which means none of us are shaking our colds off properly. Ugh! So I keep waking up in the morning with a classic blocked up nose, which means I've obviously been breathing through my mouth at night...which means gross flaky dry lips that hurt a lot. Insert sad face here and pity me please. Haha! As I work in make-up retail, it's not nice to feel like you look pretty crappy so I'm always on the hunt for good products to combat dry lips (lipstick just doesn't look good on chapped lips!) I've been using this one for about a year now but realised I'd never done a proper blog post on it! My Mum was the one to introduce me to this actually, as she was getting annoyed about how dry her lips get at work (she works in a garden centre) but she hates most lip balms that leave a slick layer on your know the ones I mean? She got this one because it sinks in very quickly and also helps with fine lines around to mouth too. Anyway last year when my lips were horrendous she let me try hers and I was hooked! I popped into Boots the next day to grab my own one and have repurchased since!

What Boots say

"No7 Protect & Perfect Lip Care protects your skin to delay ageing, smoothes & conditions lips.
Powerful Prevention. This rich, conditioning balm boosts moisture for 24 hours, leaving you with softer, healthier looking lips. Contains Lipopeptides to help smooth away lip roughness and our patent pending antioxidant complex to help protect your lips from the environment. Also containing Matrixyl."

It's part of the Protect and Perfect range for ages 25 - 35. I think this is good for all ages to be honest, but No7 have recently re-branded themselves for different ages. I love the way it sinks in so so quickly and doesn't have a really strong scent or taste to it. If a lip balm has a nice taste I seem to lick it off which makes my lips drier! I don't really know how to describe the scent/taste but it's kind of sweet like marshmallows without being too sweet...if that makes any sense?! You get 10ml of product for £9.95 but as it falls under skincare I always grab one when Boots hand out those No7 vouchers, which usually makes it £4.95 instead! Whoo!

It has a slanted top to it so you can pop it on in a rush and not worry about it going everywhere....mainly because it's designed to go around the lip area too anyway and it's also clear so it never shows that you've put it all round your mouth like a small child playing with your Mum's lipstick... Have I mentioned how quickly it sinks in too?? Seriously this baby disappears pretty quickly without leaving a slick film of product on your lips. It's an absolute life saviour when you have really flaky dry lips as it hydrates very quickly and stops you from wanting to bite your own lips off!

Here is a bit of the product on my hand. I've smoothed a bit out so you can see how clear it goes very quickly. It's such a light product and a tiny bit goes a really long way. A 10ml tube will last me about 6 months if I don't have to use it all the time. I try to hydrate my lips for a week or so before a big night out so that my lips look as awesome as possible with whatever lipstick I decide to wear and this works so well that my lips aren't chapped at all and my lipstick goes on so smoothly. Really I should try and use this everyday but I usually forget until my lips get really dry!

You can get the Protect and Perfect Lip Care from Boots stores or online for £9.95. Have any of you used this? Or do you have a favourite lip balm that you'll never part with?

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