Tuesday 21 June 2016

A Peek Into My Makeup Drawers


So today I thought I'd give you all a brief little tour of my makeup storage as it is at the moment. Now then, a little disclaimer of "I'm well aware that this is too much makeup for one human being to get through in a life time but we all have hobbies right?" I also got a lot of this stuff with my staff discount at work, which kind of helps me justify the amount....! You may also note that I don't have a lot of bareMinerals stuff in here, which may seem quite strange considering that I work for them....why is this you ask? Well, it's because I recently decided to move pretty much all my bareMinerals stuff onto my desk where I get ready in the morning. Now then, this isn't set up in an ideal way at all but it's made my morning so much easy! I've also got a few other products on my desk like my Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, some lip liners and mascaras too. Right, let's get on with it!

So like most bloggers, I have the Ikea Alex 9 Drawer Unit to house most of my makeup. There is a reason this range is popular with people with a lot of beauty as it houses most items very well and you can divide the drawers how you want to (after you've brought dividers or re-purposed something - I chose to use empty beauty boxes for the time being as they work well and have a lot of space too.) The one complaint I have about these drawers is that they don't actually come out all the way, which isn't the end of the world but is a minor annoyance every now and then. Just something to consider if you're thinking of getting this unit.  

I have my perfumes sat on top of my drawers in the hopes that it'll remind me to use them more frequently and not just use the ones at work! Post coming soon on my current perfume collection. 

So here is the first photo of the top drawer. It houses some fancy jewellery at the back (some real pearls that my Mum got me and a Stella and Dot bracelet I won from work) then my limited edition bits and backups. So you can see the limited Christmas edition deluxe Mineral Veil by bareMinerals, which I definitely did not need at all as I have more mineral veil than I will ever get through I think....buuuuut.....the pot was so so pretty I couldn't resist!! The black thing at the front is a brush roll that i use whenever I have to take any brushes anywhere as I HATE putting them into makeup bags for some reason! I think this was part of a Lancome brush set a few years back...

Underneath my Mineral Veil I have some gift with purchase bits from Estee Lauder that I've not tried yet (I think I may have tried to mattifying one once maybe?) Then a mini Urban Decay Setting Spray, a limited edition slogan Touche Eclat (the one that says "I am not a morning person"), a few bareMinerals foundations that I've won from work but don't need to open yet (although that Complexion Rescue is probably coming out soon!!) and a couple of sample bits from when I've ordered stuff from the bareMinerals boutique/Online and they've been included in my order (surprisingly the primer sachets are really handy when I'm away as I don't have to carry my full primer and can just throw them away afterwards. The lip products are all backups of products I really like and don't want to be without!

Underneath the brush roll are some perfume samples that I've partially used and just don't know where to put. Most people would have them in their bag but when we get searched at work, it's hard enough trying to explain that, no, you haven't in fact stolen that lipstick from your counter, you tend to have bareMinerals products in your bag because you bloody well work for the company and want to top your lipstick up after lunch without doing it on counter! that you tend to not want to have to also explain about a perfume sample too.

To the right of the picture are two beautiful Burberry limited edition items that I just don't have the heart to use. I know I should do but.....the Rain of Shine blusher is just so beautiful that I don't want to ruin it and the bronzer is also beautiful to look at! First world beauty blogger problems right?

Next up is the face products drawer. Now then, I'm not one of those people that has tonnes of foundations or primers etc because when you work for a beauty brand, you wear their products 5 days out of 7 and, honestly, I love the bareMinerals foundations (well....most of them anyway!) so I don't see the point in buying other foundations as I know I won't use them within the time frame they have before going a bit manky. I'm definitely a bit more flexible with colour products when on days off or holiday. So in here we have a whole bunch of highlighters (the Estee Lauder Sultry Glow one is a favourite at the moment!!), Blushers, a few cream products and maybe about 2 bronzers...I'm clearly not a bronzer fan I guess! The mini bareMinerals one was from a boutique purchase and has been relegated to the drawer because I now have the full size one.

Next up is the eye drawer! This doesn't include big palettes as they are in a drawer further down due to space requirements. So in here we have a bunch of single shadows by NARS, Estee lauder, Urban Decay and some single ones by No7, Burberry and random other brands. I have a couple of Colour Tattoos but other than those I don't have a lot of cream shadows. I also have my lovely Tom Ford palette in here in the shade Silvered Topaz, which was the last one on my list to get after all the other ones i wanted were sold out on my friends discount....it's still beautiful but a tad....dull for my liking (I mean.....I have a lot of neutral eyeshadows so I wanted something a bit bolder if I was buying Tom Ford you know??) I also have the only Dior Eyeshadow palette that I've ever been impressed with quality wise. I mostly find their 5 colour palettes a bit lacking in pigmentation vs their individual shadows which are amazing!

On the right hand side of the picture are my eyeliners. I have a few Clinique ones that were free as well as a couple of Urban Decay sample ones. I brought a fair few of the Estee Lauder Doublewear pencils because they had some really pretty different colours (the Teal one is my personal favourite I think!) I also have my YSL sparkly mascara in there too.

Onto my favourite drawer....the lipstick drawer! A lot of highend lip products reside in here as I am an absolute sucker for packaging and have no shame about it! You might be able to tell that I have a little bit of a love in going on with Estee Lauder lipsticks right now! The envy range is amazing and I love all the finishes and the colour selection is amazing too. I've got a few of my highstreet lipsticks in here too, which are the ones that survived my extreme cull that I did a while back. At the back are all the Sleek Pout Paints as I love the way you can mix them to make your own colour, along with my collection of bareMinerals Pretty Amazing Liquid Lipsticks which I still miss so much! They were my favourites on counter before being discontinued!

We then have lipsticks in pencil form and my collection of Estee Lauder Liquid Lipsticks (two of which I found in TKMaxx recently! Score!) You can see I also really love the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils too! I found out that I get discount through my job recently and went a little bit mental with it!! They really are worth the money though as they stay on all day and are so comfortable to wear too!

The lipgloss drawer. Not a huge amount in here....but that's mainly because most of the lipglosses I own are by bareMinerals and are therefore on my desk and not in here. The Buxom ones are from years ago when we used to sell them on counter alongside bareMinerals stuff. I miss them! I then have a few random ones by various brands but overall I'm not a huge lipgloss fan....which is why this drawer is a bit empty looking! The Fresh Sugar Legends set is a present my brother got me a while back. They are nice enough but not something I would rush out to by again as I just don't like lip balm enough. The Dior box contains a mini lip maximizer and a mini lipstick. It was a gift with purchase ages ago and I think I've used the lip maximizer once? I should try to use that more often as some people swear by it! 

Aaaaand the big eyeshadow palettes drawer! Ok, so here we see that I have a bit of an Urban Decay obsession....what can I say? They do some really good eyeshadows!! It only slightly bothers me that my Naked 1 palette is in the really old packaging and doesn't match my other ones....

Underneath my Vice 3 palette is my Make Up For Ever Studio Case that has 12 shadows in and a full size liner. I love love love the MUFE eyeshadows! I would own all of them if I could I think! In here I also have the Chocolate Bar and Semi Sweet palette by Too Faced, a YSL limited edition palette, a Buxom palette that i chose the colours for that my brother got me when he went to America, another MUFE mini palette and the rest are all Urban Decay.

Finally, at the back of my eyeshadow palette drawer, I have my small selection of false lashes. I used to have more and need to get some more less extreme ones, but I barely ever have an excuse to wear false lashes these days so I just haven't bothered picking any more up since I had my purge of unused or out of date stuff. The main reason for keeping the Lancome ones is because of the box. I have no shame over this! The Illamasqua ones I got from TKMaxx a while back because I'd been wanting them for ages but couldn't justify the price for something that I'd really never wear... And the We Are Faux ones came in a beauty box I think a looooong while ago... Chuck in some never opened No7 eyelash glue and that's my makeup drawers done!

I hope you enjoyed this brief look in my makeup drawers and don't think that I'm using this post to brag etc. I really love reading these kinds of posts and watching them on YouTube and have been meaning to do one for a while. I might do a post on my currently desk set up so you can see the ridiculous amount of bareMinerals stuff I own (seriously....it's ridiculous!) or maybe a more in depth look in my makeup drawers? Let me know what you guys think and let me know if there's anything you want a more detailed review of with any of the products in my stash! Feel free to link your makeup drawer posts too as I do love having a nose round someone else's stash (and not just to get ideas as to what to buy next!!!)

Until next time,

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