Thursday 30 June 2016

Swatches: Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette


So yesterday I was on my lunch break with another one of the girls on the beauty floor and some how ended up ordering the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette from Beauty Bay. The reason I ended up buying it from Beauty Bay was purely for the fact that they have free next day delivery and it's my day off today so I thought I'd order it to have something new to play with today! (I might have a slight makeup addiction.....)

Firstly, let's just discuss this packaging shall we? The outer case is suede which means I spent a good 5 minutes just stroking the outside of the palette like some sort of weirdo. It's sturdy without being too heavy. It's not the sleekest palette I've got in my collection but it's also not the bulkiest either.

In my haste to want to touch it I took a quick photo of it untouched....before realising I'd left the plastic protecting bit on it....oops! Each of the 14 shadows is 0.7g (for comparison the shadows in the Urban Decay Naked Palettes are 1.3g for 12 shadows) and you get a double ended brush with a flat end and a blending end, which is actually pretty good quality and I would happily use unlike most brushes that come with palettes.

Post-swatchfest! I was surprised by the lack of fallout with these shadows until I looked at the ingredients and saw that they are talc free. I was incredibly happy to see this as I hate that talc is in so many powders as it's just a filler and does nothing other than annoy the crap out of me by causing all my palettes to become super messy with the fallout of the shadows! This is why I love bareMinerals so much and now I can add ABH to this love apparently! I've not looked into their other powder products yet but this means I definitely will be (sorry purse!!!) ABH are also cruelty free too, which is a HUGE bonus in my books. The only thing I will say is that the use by is "once open use within 6 months" which seems to be an incredibly short shelf life for an eyeshadow palette I think. Most are at least 12 months if not more so I'm not sure why this is.

From top to bottom: (all swatches in natural light) (all colour descriptions are from how I see them blended on my hand)

Cyprus Umber - A deep matte brown, which is always welcome in any palette for me as it's so multi-use. From defining your crease to using as liner, it's always handy to have.
Love Letter - A matte cranberry shade. I was literally saying yesterday that I don't really enjoy matte colours generally but I think this is the colour to change my mind! What a beauty!
Antique Bronze - A pinky bronze shimmer. A beautiful colour that I can see myself using all over the lid or as an outer colour shade.
Buon Fresco - A pinky nude shade. This one almost has a hint of lavender in it, which would make it a perfect colour for a nude eye without using all brown shades like I usually do.
Golden Ochre - A (mostly) matte golden yellow shade. This is one that I'm very excited to use! It's the perfect yellow shade without being too bright or too pastel. As you blend this out there is a very subtle shimmer in it that gives it depth.
Tempera - A nude shimmer shade. This is probably the shade I was least excited about as I own this shade several times over I think....however it is a welcome addition to this palette as a fantastic highlight shade for sure.

From top to bottom: (all swatches in natural light)

Realgar - A Matte burnt orange shade. I really love this colour and will be using it a lot come Autumn I think.
Warm Taupe - A matte.....warm taupe shade. There really isn't much to say about this shade other than I think it'll make a great transition shade for most looks.
Venetian Red - A shimmer cranberry shade - This is the main reason most people want this palette I think! It really is a beautiful shade that is very buildable but not overly shimmery.
Red Ochre - A (mostly) matte burnt red shade. This is the red counter part to Golden Ochre with it's very subtle shimmer when blended. It's definitely a burnt red shade with a more orange tone to it. This would make a lovely transition shade for a more dramatic eye I think.
Primavera - An intense shimmer champagne shade. I love this shade as I think it'll add a really nice intense shimmer in the inner corner but looks like it could also be used as a highlighter too....
Burnt Orange - A...urm...burnt Orange sheen shade. Most of these shades are pretty much what you expect when you read the colour name, and this one is no exception. It's definitely a subtle sheen that isn't as noticeable as the colour before but has a glow to it, which is very nice and makes me think of Autumn bonfires for some reason.
Raw Sienna - A matte mustard colour. I really like this colour! It's like a twist on a nude shade and will look pretty awesome on I think.

As you can tell, I've not actually played about with it on my eyes yet and my next day off isn't until Monday so I won't know how it actually works on the eye until then, but so far I'm very impressed and will be looking at more ABH stuff in the future for sure! I like how some of the matte shades actually blend out with a very subtle sheen to them and I like the range of colours in this palette as you can do a very natural eye look or you can really go to town with an Autumnal look too, which is possibly a bit ridiculous to say since it's technically Summer in the UK right now, but's definitely Autumn weather outside right now and I prefer Autumn/Winter anyway so anything that gets me excited for that time of year is a bonus for me! Although that's not to say that this palette isn't good for Summer too though...I will be taking this palette with me when I got away to London in August for sure!

I was incredibly impressed with Beauty Bays delivery as well and the ease of use when ordering this palette and I will definitely be using them again....perhaps for one of the ABH Glow Palettes?? Who knows??

Have any of you guys tried this palette yet or anything else by ABH that you can recommend for me?

Until next time,

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