Saturday 16 May 2020

It's been a while!

Hello! are you all?? It's been about.....four years.......How the hell has that time gone by so quickly? In that time I've changed jobs, been on my first holiday in 10 years (3 holidays now!!) seen multiple bands live and now we're in a global pandemic - during which I've shaved my head (which I've always wanted to do!), done lots of jigsaw puzzles and brought far too much makeup and skincare.......hence my return to the blogging world! Basically, this way I can still feel like I'm working and keeping my mind fresh on talking about beauty related stuff and also justify all the money I seem to be spending!!!

Hopefully I'll get back into the flow of things easily but if not.....see you in another 4 years I guess!!

Until next time,

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