Saturday 24 March 2012

£10 Boots Voucher Spend!


So it's been a little while since I last did a post (lack of money/little motivation due to depression being lame) but today I went into town before work to spend my No 7 Boots voucher before it ran out tomorrow. I also had a lovely £10 Boots voucher to spend from my birthday so I decided to have a little mooch about and see if anything took my fancy.... Obviously lots of stuff took my fancy but I managed to keep it under £10 by using my Boots card in the kiosk thingy and getting some extra vouchers! Here is my little haul....

Firstly, here's two samples I got from my friend on the Clarins counter at work. My skin has gotten really dry and flaky on my cheeks recently (gross!) and it's been really stressing me out (which most likely isn't helping things...) and so today, my friend on the Clarins counter next to my work gave me two 5ml samples to try out to see if they work for me. I've tried the mask tonight and my skin feels really nice so far. I guess time will tell if it works or not but I'm hopeful!

Next up, I brought (yet another) nail polish with my £5 No 7 voucher. They end up being £2 with the voucher and are 10ml and great pigmentation too! Ultimate win! I've got a far few of these polishes so I wasn't sure which colour to go for to start with. I ended up picking the colour "Cheeky Chops" because a) I liked the name! and b) I shockingly don't own a pinky coral colour like this yet! I haven't tried this out yet (the lovely Leanne got me a Konad Stamping Kit for my birthday, so I've been going stamping crazy! Post on that to follow!) but I think it will be a fab summer colour!

So with my kiosk vouchers I could get a few 17 products for half price or for free when I brought other naturally I had a little look to see if there was anything I actually wanted from these offers. Obviously I did! There was a voucher for a Va a Voom Mascara for half price and a free Pressed Powder when you brought any other 17 product. I'd had a quick look at the Rimmel lip stains and was thinking about maybe using part of my voucher towards one, and then I saw the ones by 17 and went with one of those instead due to it being cheaper!

Here is the pressed powder. There were only two left on the stand Barely Beige (I think) or Nicely Natural, which is the one I went for. I like wearing powder and like it to give me a tiny bit of colour (my ELF ones are either Sand or Apricot) but figured that Beige might be a bit too intense for my ridiculously pale complexion! Firstly, I'd like to point out how deliciously soft the sponge inside is! It feels gorgeous when you use it to put the powder on. The powder itself is also incredibly soft too! When I opened it I ran my finger across the powder and it was really soft and smooth! Love it! The mirror inside the compact is pretty big too, which is always handy. I tried this on top of my current make-up when I got home (Estee Lauder double wear FYI) and it made it look extra smooth and gave me a sort of "soft focus" look to my skin. I'll be trying this out properly tomorrow I think and will try to do a review on it soon (maybe in comparison to my ELF ones)

Pressed Powder in Nicely Nude - £3.99 (free with a kiosk voucher and further 17 product purchased)

Next up is the Va Va Voom mascara in Black. One of my favourite mascaras in the 17 Wild Curls one. It makes my lashes look lovely and really long too! My Wild Curls one is running low so the voucher to get me a new 17 one half price was quite appealing to me. I haven't tried this yet but again, I'll test it tomorrow and let you know what it's like! The brush makes me think it might be a little bit like Benefit's Bad Gal Lash mascara (it's got a really similar brush I think) so it'll be interesting to see how it compares. I really like the packaging of this tube by the way...

Va Va Voom Mascara in Black - Normally £6.49 With Kiosk Coupon - £3.14.

I'll be completely honest here, this was an unnecessary purchase really, but because I had the £10 voucher I wasn't about to feel guilty for a little impulse buy! I wear lipstick practically every day at work but can sometimes find it a bit too heavy with the hotter weather (which has been SO nice...during my days in at work....lovely...) Anyway, I saw this and started thinking "...well....maybe this will be good for Summer....I should try it!" I've tried lip stains before and I tend to find that they don't have enough colour or they dry my lips out drastically or they are quite difficult to apply! This has a pen like tip which means it's super easy to apply and it has a lip balm to put over the top in order to keep your lips from drying out. there were 6 colours in my local Boots and I was very tempted to try the red colour out but decided to go with a deep pink instead as I think it's more of a wearable everyday colour for me and...well...the name of it made me smile! It's called "Pinkini

Quick swatch of the stain on my hand.That is with one quick swipe of the stain, very pigmented and very easy to use.

Here is a swatch on my lips. I did a really quick top up after work but, to be honest, I didn't really need to. I'd talked a lot at work, drank and ate dinner too and it was still going strong! It didn't leave my lips feeling too dry either which was handy. You can see on my top lip that it's slightly clung to the tiny patch of bitten skin (I'm terrible with dry skin! I can't help it!) so it looked a tiny bit patchy but overall, I'm very impressed!

17 Berry Crush Lip Stain in Pinkini - £4.99 (Currently on 3 for 2 offer in Boots)

So despite my severe lack of funds I managed to get a nice little haul in from Boots...and all for free, which is aways nice! (I love getting vouchers for my birthday!) What do you guys think? Have you tried any of the products before? Any recommendations for my next lip stain colour? Would you like any proper reviews on any of the items? Any items you can recommend for the next No 7 voucher (we all know it'll be in a few weeks!) instead of buying nail polish every time??

Hope you're all well!

Until next time,


  1. That powder looks lovely - I have that offer too from the kiosk. I'm pretty loyal to my Rimmel Stay Matte powder but I'd love to read a review on the 17 one as I think it's a great brand! x

    1. I tried the powder today and I think I'm in love! I'll do a post on it soon :) I've not tried the Rimmel one but I might go and have a cheeky swatching session to see how it compares!


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