Friday 2 March 2012

Mini Boots and Superdrug Haul!


So as you may have read in last weeks Sunday Roundup, I didn't get paid this month! Noooo! However I had run out of conditioner so made a bee-line to Superdrug because I knew they had Herbal Essences on special offer.....and then I decided to pop to Boots to kill some time before meeting up with one of my friends and I ended up getting a few items that I didn't need but cheered me up (also I'd transferred £80 from my Paypal account which was all from eBaying stuff so I wanted to treat myself to a little something before it was all used up on boring things.) Anyway, here is my little haul from Superdrug and Boots!

I really like Herbal Essences stuff. I've got one of their hair masques at the moment (the one in the blue's a moisturising one but I can't remember the name right now!) and it's amazing! I wanted to pick up the new "Tousle Me Softly" conditioner but that's for hair that is naturally frizzy/wavy so I went with one more suited for my hair type. It smells amazing (like all their products) and leaves my hair feeling incredibly soft and smooth. I think it does give it a little bit of volume but not enough for me to notice it that drastically. Anyway, I need conditioner and this was down to the bargainous price of £1.69 for 400ml! (I would say this will last me a long time but my mum said she'd run out of her conditioner too...and doesn't seem to have replaced it! haha!)

Here is my little staple product in my nail/make-up box! Cotton buds are SUPER handy when cleaning up nails, but I also use them for cleaning up eye make-up too....or when I completely fluff up my eyeliner wing on one eye - you can just wet the tip of the cotton bud and then wipe the failed wing off, dry the area and reapply. Much easier than taking all your eye make-up off to reapply it or going out and being annoyed by wonky eyeliner all night! This is where shopping around comes in handy, Boots had theirs on "buy one get one half price" and their cotton buds are £1.04. I almost did the "well I may as well get 2 packs because I will use them.." but I only needed one as a back up in case my other lots runs out and I'm caught out by it and I also thought Superdrugs were cheaper. Turns out I was right! These were 99p (saved myself a whole 5p!...or 57p really if I'd got the two packs! That's 2 coffees from work plus some change. Score!

So my mini Boots hauls consisted of these 3 beauties! I headed over to the points card kiosk to see if there were any good deals on and I printed off two coupons - one for 50 extra points when you buy anything in the Natural Collection range and a coupon for a free Hide and Chic pen when you brought anything else in the 17 range. I headed over to the make-up section and had a little look at these two ranges and I wasn't really tempted in the 17 section to start off with. I bent down to see if they had a Hide and Chic pen in my shade (I already have one and LOVE it!) and they had one left, so I picked it up just in case! (They tend to sell out really quickly when this deal is on!) As I stood back up again I noticed a new range "Just in!" I didn't really pay attention to what it was all about but I think it's a new spring range (I'm guessing from the colours anyway) I was instantly drawn to the amazing colours of the nail varnishes, there was this gorgeous green shimmer, a purple with a golden shimmer and a beautiful sort of mustard yellow shimmer colour. Naturally I wanted them all and the range is currently on 3 for 2, but I just couldn't justify the spend when I hadn't been paid. Hopefully they'll all still be there at the end of March, but if not I got the green anyway and that was my instant favourite colour! It's called "Juicy" and was £2.99. Plus I got the Hide and Chic Eye Brightening Concealer in Light Rose for free! (The Hide and Chic is like concealer pen with a brush end to it. It's really easy to use and great for hiding dark circles under your eyes!) That means these came to £1.50 each really! Bargain!

I also picked up a new lipstick from the Natural Collection range. I own quite a few of their lipsticks and love them all! (Raspberry is my clear favourite though...) I was tempted to get something different for a change but it was too early in the morning for a proper look, plus the shelves were a little bare... I had a little look at some of the other colours and was tempted with the shade "Biscuit" that a lot of people love, but I'm just not excited by nude colours on my lips (or nails!) So I ended up going with a lovely coral-y pink lipstick. It's got a slight shimmer and has tiny bits of glitter in it! I love this as it shines in all light without being an OTT glitter lipstick.

So here is a NTOD with the shade Juicy on my ring finger. I was feeling the Spring-like weather and went all out with these bright colours! The Orange is another 17 one that was a limited edition one in the Miami Pop range called "Down Town" I LOVE this orange. It's so bright and cheers me up every time I look at it! I did have my ring finger painted in a bright blue but switched it out for the green as soon as I got home because I wanted to try it asap! It did take 3 coats for full coverage but it's so beautiful that I can forgive it for this. It's got a really lovely shimmer through it and is just a really nice colour, unlike any other green I own. Definite thumbs up from me!

I'm going to have a really quick rant here just to say that the girl who served me in Boots was god awful. She was really rude about saying that the 17 stuff was on 3 for 2 so I "had" to go and get another product....even though I'd already said about the voucher for the free bit. She was also really rude about having to put through "so many vouchers" Well a) it was 3 vouchers - 50 points, free gift and a double points voucher and b) it's your bloody job! Christ. I never get people who work in retail who are clearly crap with customer service. It really annoys me! Rant over! haha!

So what do you guys think of my mini haul? Did I make some good purchases or is there something you would've got that was different? Have you seen the new 17 nail polishes, if so, what do you think??

Until next time,


  1. Your nails look stunning!! When I saw the colour in the bottle I didn't think much of it, but on it looks sososo beautiful I may have to treat myself next payday! & gos amazingly with the orange which I so wish wasn't limited edition so I could go get it haha. I love 17!!

    I love Coral Shimmer (I think that's the name) lipstick by Natural Collection best.

    Great haul :) x

    1. Aw thanks! My nails are so short atm though! I think the colour was much more awesome on my nails then in the bottle too. If it's any help the No7 nail polish in the shade "Tangy" is EXACTLY the same as the limited edition 17 one! I've used the No7 one for touch ups on the 17 one before and it matches perfectly. (sorry for being an enabler for your buying habits! haha!)

      I was actually wearing Coral Shimmer today! I really do love their stuff, so cheap but so good!

  2. I really must try natural collection lipsticks! I have seen so many good things about them lately! Trip to Boots tomo.....!

    1. I hope you like them! Let me know which one(s) you go for!

  3. I can't STAND rude salestaff in shops - I can't get my head round why you would want to work with the public when it's something you clearly resent/don't enjoy!
    I've never bought anything from Natural Collection, but you've made me want to now - think i'll start with a lipstick or two! xxx

    1. Yeah, rude sale staff make me angry. If you don't want to work with people...don't go into retail! I really like Natural Collection. I think their only downfall really is that they don't have a huge range of nail colours...but the ones they do have are fab! I almost brought another lipstick of theirs today but managed to stop myself!


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