Monday 25 June 2012

Things I Probably Shouldn't Have Brought... - The Skincare Edition


So I've been meaning to do this series of posts for ages but I've been quite busy with life over the last month or so and therefore I've not really had the time to sit down and sift through my stuff to have a look at what I really shouldn't have brought... However, in the joy of packing/avoiding packing, I've been able to have a proper sort through and I've decided to split these up in to three different posts - Skincare, Make-up and Nails. I was just going to do one big post, but after sifting through everything I realised that I have a LOT of stuff that I really just shouldn't have brought (I don't even want to know how much it all comes to money wise....probably enough to have paid off my student overdraft! - This may be a slight least I hope it is anyway.....)

So this one is the Skincare Edition. It's going to focus on items that I brought that just don't suit me and was therefore things that I shouldn't have brought. It's not a judgement on the products themselves, as I know that these may suit other people really well, they just don't suit me personally.

First up, three Body Shop items.
  • Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream - I brought this last year when my skin was being ridiculously weird and although it worked a little bit, it wasn't really worth the £9 I paid for it (I think this was actually a little less as I think I got it on a 30% off Love Your Body cardholders day but still...that's £6.30 I didn't need to spend)
  • Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash - I'd tried a smaller version of this last year and thought it was great so I brought the big size of it (on a 30% off day again) and, again, it seemed like a good idea at the time but it's for combination/oily skin and although I have an oily t-zone/forehead at times my skin is mainly combination/dry so this is pretty bad for my skin type really. It just dries out my already dry cheeks really. It is a lovely cleanser though as it does exactly what you want it to do, but for me personally it just isn't good for my skin.
  • Vitamin C Skin Reviver - Again, I got this last year when my cheeks were SUPER dry and kind of flaky (gross right?!) and the girl in the store recommended this as it "works from the inside out" ....well....ok....I'm sure it does for some people but it didn't really do anything for me at all. You can use it as a skin primer too before make-up but I just find this makes my skin feel a bit greasy to be honest. 
  • Johnson's 24hour Moisture Extra-Rich Body Lotion - I feel like I've had this for years. I got it with the idea of "This will make me moisturise ever day" and in actual fact it just sits in my drawer collecting dust. I find this takes a bit longer than I'd like to absorb so I tended to only use it on days off but I recently had a 10 day sample of the Garnier Intensive 7 Days Ultra-Softening Lotion which works really well, so I brought it when I saw it in Wilkinsons for £2. This one absorbs really quickly and leaves my skin feeling super soft. I probably won't use the Johnson's one again because I like the Garnier one more. There's a good half a bottle left so it feels pretty wasteful, so I'll still hang on to it and use it up some how!
  • Johnson's Baby Skincare Wipes - I DON'T KNOW WHY I BROUGHT THESE!! I think they were on offer in Sainsbury's and some silly part of my brain thought "2 for £2...that's good. You should get those!" despite the fact that I hate baby wipes and never use them. I can't stand that people use them to take off make-up or (from back in my Ann Summers days) intimate just annoys me so much! I've probably wasted about a quarter of these from where the sticky thing doesn't stay so they dry out. I really don't know what I was thinking and this was a literal waste of money!

  • Johnson's Dreamy Skin Facial Cleansing Wipes - I got these ages ago when I used to use face wipes to get my make-up off (something I no longer do, due to educating myself on the importance of decent face care/realising that the alcohol in the wipes wasn't going to help my dry skin at all) I love the smell of these but they don't do my skin any good. Also you can see in this picture that the sticky thing has yet again just peeled right back making most of the wipes that are left completely useless.
  • Johnson's Dreamy Skin Relaxing Body Cream - Now then, this isn't a waste of money.....I just always forget to use it. I really love the soothing smell of this cream and it's super relaxing and feels lovely (and absorbs quickly too) but I'm just really bad at remembering to use it at night. This is going in my "To Use Up" box so that I'll actually remember to use it (hopefully!)

  • Steam Cream - Ok, so technically I didn't actually pay for this one as it came in my one of Carmine boxes but still.....I will never use this up. I've tried it a couple of times but it just leaves my skin feeling so greasy and it seems to bring my out in spots on my forehead....not the best thing from a cream. I know you can pretty much use this anywhere but the smell of it puts me off quite a bit. It basically smells like Sudocrem but with the annoyance of taking ages to absorb. I do like the tin there's that I guess....
  • ELF Zit Zapper - I brought this during one of ELF's good old 50% off sales. It does seem to work really well (like all products with salicylic acid in) but I just constantly forget to use it. If I get any spots I tend to pick at them and sort them out that way (I'm a disgusting human being really aren't I?!) But again, I'm going to put this in my "To Use Up" box in the hopes that I remember to actually use this. This product is also really great for getting rid of redness after plucking/waxing/threading your eyebrows. So this isn't a waste of money as long as I remember to actually use it....

 So that's my skincare edition of items I probably shouldn't have brought. What about you guys - do you have any items that you just don't use but keep hold of anyway? Any advice for what I should do with my unwanted items?? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,


  1. Such a good post! Looking forward to the rest of the series.. and you know if you need anyone to take that steam cream off your hands... (you can have the tin back when i use it up? lol

    1. It's yours if you want it! I'll bring it next time we meet for drinks and bad food :) The make-up and nail posts are going to be much longer...apparently I really need to start thinking before I spend....oops!


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