Sunday 30 December 2012

Daily Routine: Step One - The Shower!


Ok, firstly I'm just going to put it out there now, that this post won't contain any pictures of me actually sorry if that's what brought you here! Haha! I've decided to try and do a series of posts on what products I use on a daily basis but split it into a few separate posts so that I don't end up boring you all with a MASSIVE waffling post (so just the usual length of waffling for you all...)

This one is all about my daily shower routine. Now then, I know some people are super shocked when I say I shower and wash my hair every day, but it's a habit that I got into and now can't live without. I don't find my hair is super greasy if I don't shower or anything (something that shocked my friend at work the other day. Apparently if I wash my hair every day then by rights I should have super greasy hair on days I don't wash it....) but I just find that I don't feel clean if I haven't washed my hair for work. It's weird I know but even though I would wash my body for work, I just find not washing my hair makes me feel somehow unclean (possibly because the only days I don't wash my hair now are usually on days off when I'm just slobbing round the house in my jogging bottoms! Haha!) Anyway, my shower routine is pretty much set in stone now...I shampoo my hair twice, put my conditioner on, shave if I can be bothered (I'm very lazy with my legs if I'm not going anywhere!), comb my conditioner through and rinse, wash my face, and finish with the rest of my body. I'm very much a "heads, shoulders, knees and toes" kind of girl (also you're welcome for me getting that song stuck in your head!)

So, on with the products that I currently use....

  • Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Shampoo and Conditioner - Now then, some of you may not know that I recently made the decision to dye my hair bleach blonde again....which means that some of you won't know that my hair likes to go very...urm....ginger when I dye it blonde! This shampoo and conditioner is AMAZING for toning the brassiness straight out of any blonde hair. The shampoo is only to be used once a week (sure..that's exactly what I do....ahem...) but the conditioner can be used every day. These smell really good too. I really like the smell of the Lee Stafford stuff I've used as it's not too over powering. I got these when they were on 3 for 2 in Boots and I got the Lee Stafford strong hold hairspray with them (more on that later...) I'm very tempted to try the Bleach Blonde Hot Shots (or whatever they are called) as apparently they are really good for making your hair go white blonde, which is kind of what I'm after.
  • Alberto Balsm Coconut and Lychee Shampoo and Conditioner - These are my everyday shampoo and conditioner for when I'm not using the Lee Stafford stuff. I absolutely love the smell of this stuff and I really like how my hair feels after using it. I love that this is so good but so cheap too. You can pick it up in most poundland stores....but I always check Superdrug first as it's often on offer in there for 85p! (I'm such a bargain hunter!)
  • Wide tooth comb - I got this years ago and it just resides in the shower. It's perfect for combing through my conditioner and I can always tell the difference when I've used it. I may have very little hair at the moment but I tend to move around a lot at night and so my hair is always matted in the morning (another reason for the daily hair wash) so combing it through in the shower just helps my hair in the morning and prevents me from really pulling it when I'm drying it later. I also find that combing my conditioner through leaves my hair SUPER soft. All the girls at work tend to go on about how my hair feels baby soft and they do this weird thing where they all feel the need to feel how soft it is on a sometimes weekly basis...I guess that's a compliment?? 

  • Bare Minerals Purifying Facial Cleanser - This is my everyday cleanser. One pump is enough to clean your entire face and it's really good at taking away any dirt or makeup on your face (more on the makeup bit later) I do love this cleanser but I personally have to make sure I put moisturiser on quite quickly after using it as the pineapple extracts in it do make my face feel a little tight (I'm allergic to pineapple....which will never stop me eating it, even if it does feel a little like I'm dying afterwards. It's so god damn delicious!) Having said that, it's not actually dried my skin out or anything though, so it's obviously not doing anything adverse to my skin as I've been using this for a couple of months now. My Mum also loves this and has finally added a skin cleanser to her shower routine too!
  • Bare Minerals Deep Cleansing Foam - This is my once or twice a week extra clean cleanser. It literally leaves my face squeaky clean. And I mean literally. My face actually squeaks when I've taken this off! I tend to only use this once a week most weeks as I don't have very oily skin so I don't need to use it more than that. I occasionally use it twice a week if I've been out the night before as it's really good for taking the impurities out of your skin. I also use this as a face mask about once a month. You just put it onto dry skin and massage it in, leave it for 10 minutes and rinse it off. It left my skin feeling lovely and soft and very very clean (which was a nice feeling after Christmas retail work!) 
The only thing missing from my in shower skincare routine is an exfoliator. I'm planning on getting the Bare Minerals one (what a shocker right?) as I really like the idea of a powder exfoliator as my skin is quite sensitive and I've found that my old exfoliator was just getting way too harsh and actually drying my skin out further. Nightmare!

  • Gillette Venus Embrace Razor - I used to use disposable razors all the time as they were cheap and easy to get. One day boots had an offer on these and my friend said how good hers was so I thought I'd give it a go....and it was so much better than a crappy disposable one!! I was really impressed with how smooth my legs were and how much nicer it felt to shave! The only down side is how expensive the blades can be. I tend to only buy them when they are on offer as I think it's a bit ridiculous the amount some places try to charge for them.
  • St. Tropez Body Polish - I brought this in TKMaxx when it was down to either 50p or £1 (I say "either" because I brought several bottles of this stuff over a few days as it was so good!) and it's simply one of the best body scrubs that I've ever used. It's got really small grains in it and you can really feel it exfoliating your skin. Plus it's not got an overpowering smell and it leaves your skin feel super smooth! Not sure I would pay full price for it but my local TKMaxx always seems to have this in the sale bit so that's good! (plus I have 4 bottles of it stocked up, so I think I'm good for the time being!) I use this probably once a week to get rid of any dry patches of skin that have flared up at all.
  • The Body Shop Mango and Vineyard Peach Shower Gels - I'm absolutely in love with the mango shower gel as it smells amazing and just leaves me feeling so clean. The smell slightly lingers on me too, which I really like if I'm having a day off and don't want to put perfume on (although this obviously works wonderfully with the Mango Body Mist!) The Vineyard Peach one was an impulse buy last time I went to get another Mango Shower Gel. It smells exactly like peaches and is really nice.....but I don't think I'd repurchase as I still favour the Mango one....although it's always nice to have a variety of shower gels I I hear this one is half price at the moment so maybe I'll get another bottle anyway? I'm such a sucker for anything Body Shop really as it always smells so good!! 

So that's my everyday shower routine. Obviously I don't use everything each day and there are a few extras bits I'll throw in every now and then (hair masks anyone?) What do you guys think? Too much for one shower or is there anything I'm missing from my routine that you can recommend?

Until next time,

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