Thursday 3 January 2013

Daily Routine: Step Three - Makeup


Right, just to quickly start....I'm going to point out that I don't use all of this stuff on my face all at once, everyday....but as I work for Bare Minerals, I have amassed a few of their products (there was a discount staff sale a few weeks ago and I picked up a few sets for dirt cheap!) and thought I may as well just show you all of the products that I use in different combinations daily during the week. Also I won't be doing little reviews of each one because it'll take forever and I kind of want to do longer reviews of most of these products instead. Everything in this post is in the order that I tend to usually put them on my face in the morning.

I'm keeping my Bare Minerals stash in a basket that my friend put my Christmas presents in this year. It's not super practical but it works at the moment! Everything else in in the Beauty Box that Mr What's His Name got me for Christmas (my birthday?) last year. I need to figure out a new storage situation before my next allocation arrives as it will be properly over flowing then! (Bonus points for spotting my Superman Lounge Pants in the bottom corner. One day I'll master the true art of blog photography....)

  • Face of Australia Face Base Primer - This has both Vitamin E and Chamomile in it which helps to strengthen skin and help protect it against free radicals. I got this as part of a blog swap and I like the way this feels more like a moisturiser than a normal primer. I also figure that using chamomile and vitamin E on my skin can't hurt whilst it's in a crappy mood right?
  • Bare Minerals Prime Time Sample Size - I like how you only need a tiny bit of this to help even out skin tone and minimise the appearance of pores. I like that it feels like I have a super smooth base for my foundation. I'll be honest, I don't use either of these everyday as I constantly forget to put them on. Maybe I should put them in my skincare box instead?

  • Bare Minerals Original SPF15 Foundation in Fairly Light - I finally moved on to my full size pot of this from the sample size I had from the starter kit! This is my exact match foundation, which is really nice. I like how I can go really light, medium or heavy with this and not feel anything on my face. 
  • Bare Minerals READY SPF20 Foundation in Fairly Light - I brought this a while back in Selfridges (it's an exclusive to them) and I do like it....but I don't love it. The colour isn't quite the same as the loose powder but it's not so far off that it doesn't look right on me. I just....don't love it as much as the loose powder for some reason.
  • Bare Minerals Stroke of Light in Luminous 2 Sample - This is a great under eye brightener! It's quite soothing but just me a little bit of brightness without being too much. 
  • Bare Minerals Correcting Concealer SPF20 in Light 2 - I like this concealer but I just don't find myself using it on a daily basis. My foundation, used with a concealer brush, does as much concealing as I think I need to be honest.

  • Bare Minerals Faux Tan Matte Bronzer - This is my ultimate favourite bronzer that I have ever used ever in the world! It gives me a nice hint of glow or can be built up to look like fake tan on my face (but somehow still only using a tiny bit of product) I like using this on my arms to give them a hint of colour without having to actually fake tan.
  • Bare Minerals Warmth Bronzer - This comes as standard in all the get started kits that Bare Minerals do. I like the colour but I feel that FTM is just a bit easy to use for my super pale complexion.
  • Bare Minerals White Hot Palette - I got this as a Christmas present from Bare Minerals (lucky I know!) and, although out of all the Christmas sets, this isn't the first one i would've picked, you really can't complain about free makeup! The reason it's in with the bronzer section is because it contains the READY bronzer called "The Skinny Dip" which I was thinking of getting anyway as it's handy to have a solid bronzer for days when you have no time in the morning but still want to look a little bit alive! The blush in it is super cite too and the other bits are always a bonus!

  • Sleek Storm Palette - I actually use one of the eyeshadows in this with a Bare Minerals brow brush for my eyebrows. It's the exact shade of my brows and works just as nicely as any other brow product I've tried. I would like the BM loose brow powder but just don't really NEED it at the moment as this does the same job (For reference - it's the colour that is second left from the bottom right corner - the deep brown colour)
  • ELF Eyebrow Kit in Medium - I use the powder in this for days when I can't find my Sleek palette - it's always falling out due to it's size! I like the powder but the colour is a little bit too light for me I think. I have seriously dark eyebrows for my complexion! I never use the wax anymore as I hate the look after I've used it.
  • Bare Minerals Primer Shadow in Copper Penny - I've actually not used this properly yet as I've not really had the chance to sit down and try it to it's full potential. I really love the colour of it though and will be eager to try it out when I have the time!
  • Bare Minerals Round the Clock Liner in 1AM - this eyeliner is jet black with a silver sparkle to it (limited edition of course...) and I love it on my top lid. It just adds a tiny bit of something without being a complete glitter liner. I can't wear this on my waterline though as it stings like a bitch unfortunately. Other people seem to have no problem with it though (even other glasses wearers) but I'm just special in that way!

  • Bare Minerals Loose Eyeshadows in: Celestine (glittery light brown), Soiree (shimmery khaki green), Ell-If-I-Know (deep shimmery sea blue), Cupcake (shimmery light pink), Whisper (very light shimmer pink), Twig (deep shimmery brown), Flawless Diamond (glittery champagne) and Smokey Diamond (glittery deep brown) - I like how all these shadows are SUPER pigmented but stay on all day. I've had no issues with creasing unless I wear them for over 12 hours (but then I think I'd get creasing with all eyeshadows over 12 hours right?) and I utterly love the colours so much!
  • Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Mascara and Flawless Definition Curl and Lengthen Mascara - I love both of these as they don't irritate my eyes, don't drop during the day and don't take 3 hours to take off. The normal one just gives my lashes a bit of definition without going OTT with them and the Curl and Lengthen one makes my lashes look pretty damn incredible I think! Used together these are amazing for nights out and insane looking lashes!

  • Bare Minerals Loose Blush in Laughter - This is a really nice coral toned blush. A little bit goes a long way and it really warms my face up I think.
  • Bare Minerals Rose Radiance and Rose Diamond Blush - These are a little more of a shimmer blush but both have a great colour for me. Not 100% sold on the shimmer but I'm trying it out a bit more to truly make up my mind on it.
  • Bare Minerals Loose Blush in Allure - This is a really subtle pink blush and I love it. It's exactly what I was after for work. I also use the pink blusher in the White Hot palette for days when I'm in a rush.

  • Bare Minerals Champagne Diamond Radiance - This is a beautiful highlighter but a little bit goes a long way, so you need to be careful and build it up instead of just whacking it on to your face!
  • Diorskin Nude Shimmer in 001 - I brought this a while back and I'm in love with it. I use it practically everyday as a subtle highlighter that just makes me feel a bit better about myself!

  • Bare Minerals Mineral Veil and SPF25 Mineral Veil - These all came in various sets so are all the smaller sizes, but this means I don't need to get a full size one any time soon! As far as I can tell, these are all the same except the SPF25 one has...well..and SPF factor of 25 in it (always handy for Summer!) These are simply brilliant. They are a translucent powder that helps to absorb excess oil throughout the day. I like the fact that I can top it up during busy days (Saturday's at work can sometimes be manic!) to stop the shine from being so insane on my forehead. I'm really tempted to get the READY Veil so I can keep it in my bag without having to carry a brush too, but I can't really justify it when I have 3 loose ones!

I seem to have amassed quite a few lip products from Bare Minerals in the last few months as well! These aren't all of them as I gave a couple to my Mum because they weren't the right kinds of colours for me (all ones that I got in sets) so this is actually a condensed version of my lip colours by Bare Minerals!
  • Pretty Amazing Lip Colour in: Moxie (light pink), Allure (pinky rose colour), Pizzazz (deep berry pink) and Ambition (bright pink) - I really like the formula of these and the colours are intense. But if you put them on with your finger it's more of a lip stain. I'll review these for sure later!
  • Bare Minerals Natural Lipgloss in:Sourdough and Heartcake - I love the feel of these glosses and I like how moisturising they are. Considering I was a "I don't like Lipgloss" girl before this job, they must be good!
  • Bare Minerals Buxom Lipglosses - I would name all these and say how much I like them, but it's best to just direct you to my review of them here.
So that's my lot of makeup for everyday work use. I do try to use other stuff I have on days when I'm out but not at work or for nights out but I have so much Bare Minerals stuff now (and more on it's way) that it seems a little silly not to use it when I like it so much. So what do you guys think? Too much makeup for one person?? Anything there that you'd like full reviews on? Or are you sick of my waffling for the time being?! I'm think of starting youtube videos instead so that it's easier for my to get stuff done and they have full reviews on my blog instead of long waffling posts like these but I'm not 100% sure that I can cope with listening to myself, let alone other people! What do you think??

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  1. I'm so jealous you have an amazing makeup collection! Love the bare mineral eyeshadows they're beautiful xxx

    1. That's not even all of it...I found another little box of stuff after!! The Eyeshadows are beautiful. I'll be doing a separate post on them because I love them so much!


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